Body Braces

Body Braces are designed to provide extended support for targeted areas in postoperative conditions, as well as a preventative measure against various progressive nerve, muscle or joint conditions. Occupation-related prolonged activities and repetitive movements often lead to muscle, joint or nerve damage which may require medical attention. With the use of body braces you can avoid such conditions by providing your body with ongoing support, compression and stability.

Care-Med LTD Specializes in All types of Body Braces.

These devices can assist in the treatment and management of both acute and chronic injuries and can also help to accelerate healing and recovery in patients suffering from pain or injury. In addition, braces and supports are an excellent tool to help prevent injury, or injury aggravation, as well as decrease the likelihood of injury recurrence. In addition, they are designed to provide post-operative support. Our large variety braces help prevent a broad range of progressive muscle, joint and nerve conditions. Such conditions are often occupation-related due to prolonged, repetitive movements, and often require medical attention. Our braces can help prevent such conditions.

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