Fast’n Go Bandage

Hybrid Bandaging System

Fast’n Go Bandage features a hybrid fastening system that combines the benefits of traditional hook-and-loop fasteners with the ease of use of adhesive bandages.

Self-Bandaging and Home Care

Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandage

Bandage fastening has always posed a challenge, especially for patients self-applying bandages to their upper limbs, where they have only one hand available. Recognizing the need for a solution, Fast’n Go Hybrid Bandaging System was developed with two essential goals in mind: simplicity and comfort.

The patented fastening system consists of a soft material band with hooks and loops that only grip to each other when stretched. The application and removal of the bandage is effortless and gentle on the patient, and it does not cause damage to the bandage. The hook easily attaches to the bandage and can be quickly removed when necessary.

Fast'n Go Bandage

Simple and Fast

Self-Bandaging & Homecare

  • Faster application as only one bandage to be applied

  • Identical sides and no need to worry about which one has to be in contact with the skin

  • Stretchability limited mechanically for safer and more reproducible compression

  • Anchor Point for easier application start, especially when self-bandaging the upper limb

  • Pre-stretched bandage application technique

  • Visual guide for easier 50% overlap

  • Washable, reusable and very comfortable against the skin

Compression Wear - Lymphedema

Fast’n Go Bandage Combines

Inelastic & Long Stretch Bandages

Inelastic Bandages
The customizable fit of inelastic bandages allow them to be wrapped tightly or loosely, depending on the individual’s requirements. Moreover, these bandages can be trimmed to match the size and shape of the affected limb, ensuring a comfortable and efficient fit for the patient. Inelastic bandages are more supportive and less bulky, allowing for improved mobility and enabling patients to carry out their daily activities. Additionally, the compression provided by inelastic bandages is consistent over time and does not loosen or slip.

Long Stretch Bandages
Long stretch bandages provide multi-layer compression, allowing for graduated compression to enhance blood circulation and lowering the risk of blood clots. Additionally, these bandages are made of high-quality materials that can withstand frequent washings and long-term use, making them a cost-effective option for long-term management.


Hybrid Short Stretch Bandage

The Fast’n Go Bandage utilizes a hybrid patented technology, enabling it to combine the advantages of inelastic bandages (high working pressures) and long stretch bandages (easy application) while eliminating their respective drawbacks. As a result, it is the only short stretch bandage that can provide the benefits of both inelastic and long stretch bandages.

Fast'n Go Bandage Upper Limb
Fast'n Go Bandage Below Knee
Fast'n Go Bandage Leg

Fast’n Go Tutorial Videos

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Bandages for Perfect Compression

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How to Wrap a Full Leg Fast’n Go
Bandages for Compression Therapy

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