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Premium Orthotics Tailored for Cyclists in Toronto

Cycling demands a high level of precision and efficiency, where even the smallest misalignment can cause discomfort and reduce performance. Cycling places significant stress on your feet, knees, and lower back. Misalignment or improper support can lead to injuries and increased fatigue over time. Custom Cycling Orthotics distribute pressure evenly across your feet, reducing the risk of injuries and ensuring you can cycle confidently with less strain on your body.

Our cycling orthotics are meticulously crafted to support your unique foot structure, enhancing your overall cycling experience. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or an enthusiast, our orthotics help you achieve better power transfer, increased comfort, and reduced fatigue.

Proper alignment and posture are crucial for efficient cycling and injury prevention. Custom orthotics help maintain the correct alignment of your feet, supporting better posture while riding. This not only improves your overall cycling performance but also contributes to long-term musculoskeletal health.

Care-Med LTD offers premium custom cycling orthotics designed to enhance performance and comfort for cyclists in Toronto. With over 17 years of experience and recognition from insurance companies and healthcare professionals, our personalized care ensures the best fit and support.

Whether you’re dealing with discomfort, looking to improve your performance, or aiming to prevent injuries, our custom cycling orthotics are the perfect solution.

Cycling Orthotics

Benefits of Cycling Orthotics

  • Improve cycling performance
  • More comfortable ride
  • Prevent “hot feet” and injuries
  • Improve balance and stability

Care-Med is a clinic and does not stock footwear in office. We offer custom fitting for Orthotic shoes and order footwear for our clients on a case by case basis as part of their prescribed treatment plan.

Custom Orthotics are covered by most extended Heath Care Insurance Plans.

Benefits of Custom Cycling Orthotics

Enhance Your Cycling Performance and Comfort

Designed for all types of cyclists and cycle shoes

For all levels and types of cycling including track, road, mountain bike, BMX, and triathlon.

Cycle with Confidence and Comfort

Invest in custom orthotics to enhance your cycling experience. Enjoy better alignment, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or a weekend enthusiast, our personalized solutions are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring you ride longer and stronger with confidence.