Custom Orthotics for Cyclists

We all know that fitness is important, and cycling is a fun way to stay fit. Although cycling is an effective workout for all body systems, it can also place the body under considerable stress. Cycling orthotics help your ankles and feet to remain in a neutral position.

While walking, our feet provide constant cues and feedback that we use to remain upright, navigate surfaces and maintain balance. Three arches, 26 bones, 30 joints, assorted muscles, tendons and ligaments in each foot all work together to keep us from falling over.

While cycling, we lose that feedback because our feet no longer have contact with the ground. If your riding shoes are improperly fitted or provide poor support, you might experience an inward collapse of your legs while riding.

Pain that occurs while or after riding can be related to how well your bike fits your body. If your bike is a good fit, the pain might be due to cycling shoes with poor arch support.

Poor arches can cause discomfort in other regions of the body. You might feel pain in the back, forefoot or knees along with numbness. Fortunately, this issue can usually be resolved with therapeutic stretching, insoles, custom orthotics or wedges.

Shoe Insoles

Orthotics are a highly effective treatment for bunions. Pain related to bunions is usually caused by shoes with insufficient support for the structure of your foot.

Shoe inserts can correct bunion-related balance problems by evenly distributing the weight of your foot throughout the shoe.

These devices can correct preexisting bunions by supporting your foot in a natural and stable position. Shoe inserts that support the arch of your foot can prevent bunions as well as treat them.

Cycling Orthotics

Orthotics stabilize the foot. Stress is reduced by recalibrating the foot’s high-impact areas. The primary contact point for the foot is the forefoot, and that’s where orthotic support is provided. Support begins at the hindfoot and gradually increases to the forefoot.

These devices are made of stiff, lightweight graphite and should only be used for cycling. Riding orthotics are customized to provide an exact fit for your particular foot. They allow your feet to function optimally and reduce discomfort while riding.

Orthotics can speed up injury recovery time while preventing injuries and deformities in the future. By supporting the foot, orthotics support proper body alignment in the lower limbs.

Cycling Orthotics for Pain Relief

Properly repositioning the foot improves the foot’s structure while relieving discomfort during rides. Foot repositioning can also prevent pain in other parts of the body.

Cycling orthotics help your ankles and feet to remain in a neutral position. You can apply more torque to the pedals while helping your legs to funnel more power to the feet

Orthotic Wedges

Did you know that nearly 100 percent of all cyclists develop canted forefeet? The tilt can be inward or outward. Most riders with this condition have feet that tilt to the inside.

Cycling shoes, pedals and cleats can all cause flat feet that lose their natural tilt. That, in turn, can cause knee pain and patches of heat inside or on the surface of your feet.

A wedge can provide 1.5 degrees of inward angulation that corrects for this problem and provides proper foot alignment while riding.

Cycling Orthotics

Benefits of Cycling Orthotics

  • Improve cycling performance
  • More comfortable ride
  • Prevent “hot feet” and injuries
  • Improve balance and stability

Where to Find High-quality Cycling Orthotics in Toronto

Care-Med provides state-of-the-art custom orthotics that are specially designed to support the contours of your feet. The custom fit provides enhanced structural support and stability to maximize performance while reducing leg, back and foot pain.

We’ve been providing Toronto cyclists with the ultimate custom orthotic devices for more than a decade. Our goal is to ensure that you have healthy and happy feet.

Care-Med services are covered by all insurance companies. We are fully approved by ODSP/Ontario Works as a fitter and vendor of custom orthotics and other medical devices.

Our customized orthotics are specially designed for your feet alone. With the help of a 3D computer scan, plaster cast and foam box impression, our custom devices are highly accurate.

Care-Med Podiatrists/Chiropodists are highly-trained professionals who specialize in biomechanics and the anatomy of lower limbs. They develop orthotic devices to use with footwear that help with conditions that impact the lower limbs and feet.

One of our experienced Podiatrists/Chiropodists can perform a comprehensive footwear assessment and recommend an appropriate course of action specific to your case.

With access to a specialized knowledge base, our Podiatrists/Chiropodists can assess and evaluate the best use of footwear and make corrections and modifications with great precision.

Care-Med LTD Specializes in Cycling Orthotics

Designed for all types of cyclists and cycle shoes

For all levels and types of cycling including track, road, mountain bike, BMX, and triathlon.