Advantages & Benefits of a
Back Support Brace

Most back support braces today will have a compression in them that pulls the back brace to give you a very snug fit all around you. Many back injuries or back conditions end up in a revolving circle of inflammation and muscle spasm due to an acute injury or a chronic condition that flare up.

The causes of back pain are varied, because of the anatomy and function demanded of our spinal column.

Bracing is a good choice for conservative treatment. When there is back pain regardless of what the cause of it is, the reaction of the musculature is to contract into involuntary spasm or voluntary contraction of the muscles so they protect the injured or inflamed joint and soft tissue. The muscles often go into “overdrive” with good intentions of protecting the spine.

Using a back support brace, it allows the core muscles that are supporting the spine to relax and not be in “overdrive – protection mode“.  You are able to get up from sitting or lying down and move around more than you would with a back spasm that would hinder your movement.

There are many types of back support braces on the market today: good quality, bad quality, expensive ones, inexpensive ones, braces for different parts of the back: mid-spine and lower lumbar, tailbone or sacrum.

There are also many different designs that are using different materials such as elastic, soft plastic, hard plastic metal, velcro and laces.

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Conditions where back support braces are useful:

  • Sprain /strain – acute

  • Post-operative support

  • Instability: chronic or traumatic

  • Bulging or herniated disc

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Fracture management

  • De-conditioned or postural back pain

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

A back support brace should:

  • Fit you well
  • Be comfortable
  • Feel supportive
  • Provide some pain relief

Relief for lumbar/spine region


When you suffer from pain, an orthosis can be just what the Doctor ordered. You are afflicted by a disorder that affects your limbs or spine, which causes the need for the weakened areas. The LumboLoc is the relief a patient needs for the lumbar/spine region.

Like all stabilizing devices, you can obtain at Care-Med, the LumboLoc boasts flexibility as its main feature. You can adjust the equipment for the perfect fit that creates relief and comfort for the wearer. For a support device, the LumboLoc is lightweight and made from elastic that circulates air into the covered area. Your LumboLoc will be your knight in shining armour when you wear it, and it combats the back pain you are experiencing.

The LumboLoc was designed to treat several disorders:

  • Lumbago is a pain that occurs in the lower muscles and back joints. Also, it helps with myostatic deficiency a condition that is directly related to the shortening of muscles and the condition is caused by long-term immobility
  • When you suffer from Facet Syndrome, you experience irritation and or pain in the small of the lower intervertebral joints
  • Ilosacral joint irritation if another problem in the lower back that the LumoLoc will help defeat when it is worn
  • Degenerative spinal changes cause many painful moments, and the LumboLoc helps reduce the discomfort and helps with standing and sitting.
  • When your discs weaken, you are suffering from intervertebral disc weakness, and the support of the LumboLoc minimizes the pain and discomfort a patient will feel when using the excellent device.
  • The LumboLoc will assist with minor postural disorders to alleviate the pain caused by poor or declining posture.
LumboLoc - Back Support Braces
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Stabilizes lumbar/spine region muscles

LumboTrain for Women

LumoTrain is an orthopedic device/brace that stabilizes muscles in the lumbar spine region of the body. It performs many different functions, and it starts with a massage of the lower back. Designed to reduce pain and tension, the brace is comfortable to wear and made from knitted fabric that circulates air to the area where it is worn.

The design of the brace was created to help with many inherent problems a wearer faced in the past.

  • Pressure reduction at the edges of the device stops constrictions that occur in other braces
  • The excellent elasticity of the brace makes movements easy and provides top-notch support when doing so
  •  The knit fabric that the brace is made of is gentle for the skin, and comfort it provides makes the wearer think they aren’t wearing anything when slipping into this lightweight brace.
  • The LomboTrain is made with three-dimensional train knit that helps relieve pain and start the process of spine straightening
  • The viscoelastic pad that comes with friction pads helps in the support process for stabilizing the lumbar spine, which in turn reduces back pain.
LumboTrain - Back Support Brace
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Relief for pelvis and the sacroiliac joints


In the pelvis and sacroiliac joints, pain in the lower pelvis means you need the SacroLoc brace to help with the stabilization process for relief. Weakened back muscles and joints need one thing more than all else, and that is support. Once you put the brace on, you will notice a reduction pain that comes from the strong support this brace provides. Back support braces need to be fitted, and the SacroLoc can be individually fitted to the contours of your body with tension straps.

Conditions that can be treated by the SacroLoc are numerous, and they are related to the lower region of the back where the pelvis meets the iliac bone. Tightness or an injury can cause acute pain in this region.

  • IS Joint syndrome is a common affliction for someone who will need the brace. Other conditions related to the problem include IS Joint arthrosis, IS Joint instability and IS Joint blockage
  • Myalgia and tendopathia are irritations of muscles in the pelvic area that the SacroLoc is designed to counteract with support and stabilization
  • If you have had a lumbar fusion treatment, the SacroLoc is the brace for you as it reduces structural disturbances after the fusion treatment
  • Recurring IS Joint blockage – prophylaxis – will cause other problems like myotendopathia, rectus abdominis, and piriformis
  • Symphysis rupture is caused when the cartilage that joins the two small bones in the pelvis area experiences trauma. Once you put on the SacroLoc, the inflammation is reduced, and you feel a sense of relaxation once the pain begins to dissipate.
  • Many of us stand or sit for many hours in the workplace, and the SacroLoc is a brace that relieves the pressure caused by long bouts of sitting or standing.
  • The critical factor for all braces is stability, and SacroLoc provides it to increase the wearer’s ability to live a more mobilized life.
SacroLoc - Back Support Braces
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For straightening and stabilizing the spine

SofTec Dorso

This brace is a multi-purpose device used when the orthosis will see cases of vertebral displacement, and it is a vital device for post-operation treatments that keep fractures immobile. The device helps with spine straightening and provides a big assist in stabilization at the transition point where the lumbar and thoracic spinal columns meet. SofTec is as easy a put on as any jacket you own and has many straps for adjustments when you need them.

Areas that the SofTec braces help with

  • Fracture management, conservative
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stabilization in a post-operative setting
  • It treats tumours and spondylitis, conservative

Wearing the SofTec brace is a pleasure. It is made of knitted, lightweight fabric that is breathable, and the carbon-reinforced bars are the support that the back requires when in recovery. The strength of the carbon frame is how your spine will be straightened, supporting the lower back when needed. To get the perfect fit, the brace comes with straps that require little or no effort to adjust to make your day a pain-free one.

SofTec Dorso - Back Support Brace
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Stabilization of the lumbar spine with mobilization function

Spinova Immo Plus

The multi-purpose orthosis functions primarily for the stabilization of the lumbar region and comes with a mobilization function. It is used for treatment in three stages, can be combined individually, and is another device that is easy to put on and wear as the need arises.

The Spinova Immo Plus back support brace has many areas that it can be of help in

  • Problems with your vertebrae like displacement, and the formation gaps in the vertebrae joints (spondylolisthesis, grades II and III/spondylolysis)
  • It treats Facet Syndrome that has symptoms of hypermobility/spondylitis (unusual flexibility of the joints)
  • When pain cascades throughout your lumbar area – severe radicular lumbar syndrome or lumbar sciatica – is the problem, and the Spinova Immo Plus is the solution for pain relief when you need it most.
  • When your spinal canal narrows it creates lumbar spinal canal stenosis with paresis – post-operative, conservative
  • When a narrowing of the root canal occurs, it is called foraminal stenosis lateral, severely fractured vertebrae, and relieving front and or rear vertebrae edges
  • Tumour growth
  • Muscle weakness that reduces performance – muscle degeneration and insufficient muscle mass of the spine
  • Conservative, post-operative intervertebral disc prolapse
  • Discectomy
  • Spondylodesis/kyphoplasty – post-operative in more than one level of the spine
  • Osteochondrosis – a pathological change to intervertebral disc
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Important advantage back support braces provide is PROPRIOCEPTION

The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. –

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