Pediatric Orthotics Specialist

Adults are not the only ones who experience pain with movement. When a child struggles to walk or move, there is reliable help for them in the form of pediatric orthotics.

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are devices used to support movement in individuals. They help deal with an orthopedic issue that can make movement painful or awkward. Parents may notice when their children start to walk or move that they are not able to do so without issues, and orthotics could be the help they need.

Examples of orthotics include: ankle or knee braces, shoe inserts, body braces and straps that support movement of the entire body. Using an orthotic early in life does not mean a child will have to use one permanently. However, orthotics may offer long-term assistance for certain medical conditions.

Who Needs Orthotics?

Children don’t need an official medical diagnosis to receive support from orthotics. Parents may notice a child having problems walking, or a child may complain of discomfort when moving. This is enough of a reason to see a professional who specializes in orthotics.

High arches, flat feet, different leg lengths and repeated injuries cause parents to look for help for children.

A professional will assess the situation before deciding what assistance should be offered. Custom orthotics can be made to ensure they specifically address a child’s condition.

Benefits of Pediatric Orthotics

It’s common for parents to wait and see when it comes to movement issues with children. Kids move and develop at their own pace, so this approach is not unreasonable. However, there are definite benefits to seeking help when a child is having issues with body movement or experiencing pain when they shouldn’t be.

Addressing issues with the feet early can change the trajectory of a child’s life. A child who has trouble or pain while walking is not going to enjoy being active. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a lower quality of life, and it can even shorten a person’s lifespan.

By getting children support when they have trouble walking, parents offer children a chance to experience movement without pain and with much less struggle. Realigning the part of the body that is having issues by using orthotics means a child can avoid growing up with chronic pain.

Even something as simple as inserts for flat feet can positively impact a child’s entire body. Supporting the foot can reduce stress on the rest of the leg and keep muscles from getting fatigued or hurt. This will encourage a child to move more and actually enjoy it.

Is This a Commitment?

It’s true that kids grow at a much faster rate than adults. This means kids may need to be fitted for new orthotics frequently. A child who needs orthotics very early in life will likely outgrow several as the body develops and changes.

However, this shouldn’t discourage parents from seeking help for their children early in life. A child who uses orthotics to help with movement issues may be less likely to need orthotics as an adult. Putting in the time and effort early can give a child a chance at a life of movement without pain.

It’s important to find trusted professionals to help a child through their entire orthotics journey. It’s a gift that can benefit a child for life

Custom Orthotics are covered by most extended Heath Care Insurance Plans.

Pediatric Orthotics for Children

Care-Med is a clinic and does not stock footwear in office. We offer custom fitting for Orthotic shoes and order footwear for our clients on a case by case basis as part of their prescribed treatment plan.

Orthotics for Children

A child who uses orthotics to help with movement issues may be less likely to need orthotics as an adult. Putting in the time and effort early can give a child a chance at a life of movement without pain.

Pediatric Orthotics help alleviate problems, such as:

  • High arches
  • Leg length discrepancies
  • Sever’s disease / heel pain
  • Excessive foot pronation
  • In-toeing and out-toeing
  • Juvenile bunions
  • foot and ankle sports injuries