Advantages & Benefits of a
Knee Support Brace

When age or injury is making walking or running painful, knee support braces can help provide support for all areas surrounding your knee joint, your hip and thigh. It can bring comfort and allow easier movement.

Knee problems may stop you from doing your beneficial physical activities, or just simple walking. It can elevate pain to upper thigh and/or hip area. It offers great support after knee surgery, that may be recommended by your doctor.

What benefits can knee support braces provide?

There are many benefits that come from wearing proper knee support braces. The greater ones can support and stabilize knee cup as well as apply proper compression to bring down inflammation. They help heal your ligaments, muscles and joints faster.

They help with arthritic pain and structural knee problems. After knee surgery they can stabilize and heal the area. Invest in a high quality knee brace for walking to get moving again.

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Types of Knee Support Braces:

  • Functional Braces: Stabilize the knee and control motion to prevent another injury.
  • Rehabilitative Braces: often used for a period of weeks right after an injury or surgery. 

  • Unloader Braces: Designed to relieve pain in people who have arthritis in knees. 

  • Prophylactic Braces: Protect knees from injuries during contact sports.

  • Knee Sleeves: Most common type of knee support, designed to provide compression to support the knee and can control pain and swelling.

Stabilization, pain relief, and activation to promote a movement


When your knee needs stabilization, pain relief, and activation to promote a movement that helps build confidence in the injured party, you will seek out a GenuTrain to wear. Mobility is improved through the brace by intermittent compression that massages, stimulates the knee, or can be manipulated to work in targeted pressure point areas. The activation provides stabilization for leg muscles that start the process that improves coordination. The massage helps with the metabolism that reduces swelling and accelerates the healing process.

  • Precise pain relief
  • The knee joint is secured, and muscle activation is stimulated
  • An easily worn brace and the donning/doffing aid makes it easy to put on and take off

The GenuTrain puts you in a position to succeed quickly when you want to get over an acute injury, an operation, chronic problems, osteoarthritis, and weak knee. An oval-shaped omega pad cushions the joint and is affixed, holding the kneecap securely in place. The acute pain areas are targeted for an integrated massage with incredibly flexible silicone nubs. Edema and swelling are quickly reduced when wearing a GenuTrain. Inside the device are two plastic stays to ensure the fit is contoured to the wearer. When you have knee pain, your body will adopt a posture that reduces the pain, but that posture is bad for you. Knee support braces help the knee learn to move freely and create positive muscle memory. The brace has two massage points – meniscus wings – to help with pain relief at the joint and menisci. Hoffa spots stimulate the fat pad – the infrapatellar – through controlled pressure. The metabolic value that this device provides is excellent, and the healing process comes quickly.


Patellar tracking or a misaligned kneecap

GenuTrain® P3

Patellar tracking or a misaligned kneecap – patellar lateralization – anterior knee pain or pain that comes from patellar tip syndrome is treated with a GenuTrain P3 brace. An orthopedic brace has two pressure cushions inserted in the device, and you use a strap to hold it the brace in place. Stabilizing the kneecap, and activating muscles are how this device spurs the healing process.

  • A secure kneecap
  • Pain relief
  • Airflow from the Train knit for wearing comfort

The P3 in the name of the device signifies permanent patella protection because it holds the kneecap securely in place during every movement the wearer makes. The kneecap is secured/centered through a specialty-shaped pad that massages and has high sides holding silicone dots that face inwards. They create pain relief by exerting compression on the Hoffa fat pad. The adjustable pad helps regulate pressure for the kneecap load, and the wearer can increase or decrease pressure as required. Another massage pad is on the outside of the brace and eases pressure on the tendons reducing the outward grab. A reduction in pain and relief is provided through support during regular movements. The pads and the knit create the massage the knee area feels, and it reduces swelling. Activation of the muscles in the affected area helps the wearer feel more confident during regular movements through joint stabilization.

Stabilize the knee joint for instability, treat osteoarthritis and arthritis

GenuTrain® S

When your knee joint needs support, the GeuTrain S with sidebars is the best device you can wear. It will help stabilize the knee joint for instability, treat osteoarthritis and arthritis in the knee. Oval-shaped, cushioned pads that surround the kneecap maintain constant pressure, and intermittently, a massage will come through the compression of the pads. The massage helps re-vitalize the muscles in the knee area, and healing occurs quickly. Through the sidebars, passive support is created for the knee that incorporates a strap that provides a secure fit.

  • Knee stabilization and activation of the musculature
  • Airflow through the Train active knit for comfort
  • Contoured to fit the wearer that provide excellent support

As the name of the braces indicates, the S is for splints – lateral joint splints – that assist in guiding knee movement. If you need to manipulate the bars, it is easy to adjust the brace to the contours of the knee. The Train knit and the integral pad supports the muscles that are around the knee joint area.

The ring-shaped padded elastic integral pad prevents kneecap slippage during movements. The device, positioned correctly, will take shape/angle of the knee joint. When worn, the device provides a massage, activates muscle tissue, and improves circulation. Through interaction, compression, and massage, edema and effusions are quickly remediated. An increase in muscle control and stabilization for the knee is what the device was created to do.

Knee support braces are useful in treating arthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee, and instability in the knee joint.

Torn ligaments, collateral ligaments, injuries, or arthritis

SofTec® Genu

The multifunctional knee brace that is the SofTec Genu will treat several different conditions. Torn ligaments, collateral ligaments, injuries, or arthritis can be treated when wearing the device. Fixed joint splints are the basis for the stability and control it provides the wearer. The kneecap will receive a healing massage when the SofTec is worn and will adhere to the contours of the knee area when worn.

  • Pain relief
  • A massage with every movement
  • Joint splints create knee stabilization

This device is excellent for post-operative recovery or knee injury when your knee needs to be protected from undue strain. The device is a confidence builder for the wearer; it provides stability without the restriction of movement. Also, the constant massage accelerates the healing process. Because the rotation axis of the knee joint is different in every person, the ‘intelligent’ side joints work with the rotation axis to reduce strain.

Medical conditions that the device will help treat are ruptures to the anterior cruciate, including the ‘unhappy triad.’ Any long-term rehab (sports injuries), chronic insufficiency, pre, and post-operative treatments, can be taken care of with the brace. Conservative treatments – where necessary- can be managed by this brace. It works to aid with conservative functional treatment when there are collateral knee injuries. Unstable knee joints, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (progressive), endoprosthesis (secondary rehab), and post-traumatic conditions are part of the device’s catalog of tasks. It will stop movement in the knee when you have had meniscal suturing or implantation.

Stabilizes the patella, relieves pressure asserted on the knee

SofTec® OA

Another multifunctional knee brace for relief for the medial knee area helps relieve the problems that come from medial osteoarthritis of the knee. The brace stabilizes the patella, relieves pressure asserted on the knee while allowing for some muscle play. Anatomically contoured, the flexible knit wrap is secured with a strap with an integral function. The pads inside the brace are an air bladder system, and the air can be increased or be decreased, as treatments require.

  • Pressure relief
  • Three-point principle reduces pain
  • A zippered brace to make it easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable based need

The device can be adjusted to suit the patient and affords targeted pressure point relief for the affected area. A carbon fibre shell comes with an integral functional element. Air bladders control the massage for the knee, and the functional element is removable for washing or adjustments. If you wear this device, bear in mind that the device’s external fine adjustments are possible because it contains four, non-elastic straps. The straps prevent knee twists, and the kneecap is centred in the brace. The air bladder pads help reduce swelling and counteract hematomas during movement. You can adapt the brace’s shape to the contours of your knee, and the pressure can be adjusted as required during the healing process.

For people suffering from medial osteoarthritis of the knee, this is the brace for you.

Knee Support Braces can alleviate pain associated with arthritis, osteoarthritis, and injury

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