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Elbow Braces

Elbow pain is an area where the body needs help counteracting pain caused by injury or degenerative issues associated with the elbow. The disorders can come from the most unlikely sources that we have come to expect for injuries and afflictions.

In the realm of sports, injuries related to participation in activities account for many of the injuries that people suffer from. Baseball players, golfers, tennis players, and boxers will suffer from elbow injuries for various reasons.

Problems in the elbow area aren’t limited to the elbow per se but can result from problems in other areas that cause elbow problems. Working from home with less than ideal support from ergonomic office equipment will only inflame your elbow problems. That is why you must have somewhere to turn to mitigate the pain you feel when working all day at a desk.

Problems that originate in arm muscles, ligaments in the elbow, tendon problems, bones in the upper and lower arm, and the bursae can impact the elbow’s function.

Provide protection and stability for your elbow joint, tendons and muscles with an elbow brace, band or arm sleeve. A variety of levels of support available from mild, moderate to maximum.

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Elbow Braces help:

  • Osteoarthritis: A generative condition that affects the cartilage in your elbow – it is the connective tissue between your bone and the joints.
  • Olecranon bursitis: Your bursae are small fluid sacs that help protect and cushion joints, and the bursitis problem affects the pointy elbow bone. 
  • Lateral epicondylitis: Commonly referred to as tennis elbow. The condition causes pain on the outside of the elbow.
  • Medial epicondylitis : Problem of the inner elbow tendons and and wrist movements often trigger pain.

Supports the wrist without hindering everyday actions


EpiPoint elbow braces come up ‘aces’ for anyone who has tennis elbow. The pain you experience comes from the tendon due to irritation caused by overuse or inflammation.

An integral elastic pad relieves the pressure on tendon attachment at designated points. It comes with a red warning light to indicate if the brace on too tightly and can be worn on either arm.

  • Easy to wear
  • Single size model
  • Made of breathable material

The viscoelastic pad contains five points and triggers stimulation through targeted compression. The pressure adjustment feature is dynamic thanks to an adjustable elastic band. Red warning light shines to indicate when to much pressure has been applied. It controls the pressure on the forearm that targets pressure relief to areas that have excessive strain. A Velcro strap sets the device in place, and then the wearer if off to the races.

The device is for suffers from a tennis elbow and others who experience elbow pain due to overuse, inflammation, or strain.

Stabilizing the wrist, thumb, long fingers and parts of the forearm


An EpiTrain orthopedic elbow brace is used in targeted compression for an injured or inflamed elbow. Golfers and tennis players know the pain of tennis elbow or golfers elbow only too well. The pain of condition affects the performance and enjoyment of recreational activities, and the EpiTrain will relieve pain and reduce tension on the joint/tendon.

  • The EpiTrain brace helps alleviate pain and starts the process of relief for irritated muscle/joint intersection.
  • Elbow mobility is increased
  • Swelling and inflammation rapidly subside
  • Anatomically perfect for fit and made of elasticized material that allows for breathability.
  • The soft material is highly flexible in the area where it bends

The EpiTrain has a three-dimensional train an an active knit that fits the contour of your elbow. The device prevents constriction at the edges, and the high elasticity makes it comfortable to wear. The brace contains viscoelastic epicon and pads that house epicondyle cutouts. These two additions add to the elbow’s support, provide pressure relief, and speed up the absorption of edema.

Made of durable material that has frictional nubs embedded, it spurs the recovery process for the elbow. At the point where the brace meets the elbow, soft material that lets air circulate to improve the comfort level a wearer experiences.

The brace encourages circulation with intermittent pressure that is constant compression massage. The device helps reduce edemas and hematomas in the elbow. Stabilizing the elbow joint is where this device earns its keep, and wearers love them.

Provide protection and stability for your elbow joint, tendons and muscles with an elbow brace

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