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Personalized care is what makes Care-Med LTD unique

Our certified professionals and caring staff will provide you with an exceptional experience.

Our mission is to help eliminate pain and discomfort for our customers due to trauma, injury or orthopaedic problems. We have a variety of solutions ranging from orthotics, body brace, compression wear, and much more. Using the proper treatment can be life changing for you.

Meet Our Team

Alla Hardoon - Funder and Medical Director of Care-Med Ltd

Alla Hardoon Founder and Medical Director of Care-Med Ltd

Alla has over 13 years of extensive health care experience in Toronto. She acquired her first medical degree in 1988 as a Registered Nurse. She continued her studies in the fields of internal medicine, orthopedics, biomechanics, Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, Post Mastectomy Care, and specializes in Oncology Lymphedema.

in 2016 Care-Med Ltd expended its practice and opened Soft Touch Mastectomy, providing special care and medical garments for post cancer patients suffering from Lymphedema.

Care -Med LTD and Soft Touch mastectomy became Health Canada (ADP) and Province Of Ontario (ODSP, Ontario Works) Vendor and Fitter. Alla is currently a public speaker and educator on the subject of medical compression wear in the field of primary and secondary Lymphedema

With her skilled and compassionate medical team, Alla provides an extraordinarily comforting and nourishing space for everyone. Her quality of care is superior, and she will always go above the call of duty, to ensure that everyone is cared for.

What Our Patients are Saying

I have had excruciating edema for about two years. Most reviews I read I am highly skeptical as to their credibility and veracity. Alla had crafted for me a compression garment in several days. I am immobile,she attends to me with the utmost of respect and skill. Comes to our condo.

I believe with the utmost of veracity that Alla is a genius,highly skilled, and has a very good heart. My edema is receding and her interest in her patients never wanes. Many speak about what they can do, she does what she says with grace.

Thank you Alla, you are a credit to humanity.

The entire team put the word service back into the service industry. Caring, concerned for clients, stand behind products and maintain their office immaculately. Top tier professionalism and integrity. No need to shop anywhere else.

Very professional, super positive and clean place to treat your feet. #1 clinic in Toronto, in my eyes anyways. Highly recommended for all your foot issues.

Thank you for providing great services to my family. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for orthotics.

I usually do not write any recommendations for such services, but this is different. Care Med is lead by a dynamic experienced, knowledgeable caring and brilliant caregiver. Alla Hardoon is well versed in almost every medical condition and has the knowledge to find the right treatment and deliver a WOW patient care experience reducing pain and discomfort.

I’m an avid 66 year old active individual who loves tennis and golf. Unfortunately my back pain has limited me even after visiting chiropractors and specialists who wanted to give me pills and needles. Alla has helped me eliminate my back pains through correctly analyzing and finding the root of the problem, recommending that I get customized orthotics insoles for my shoes a few months ago. My back pain has disappeared and I enjoy being active once again.

I wear the inserts (orthotics) everyday in my work boots. This enables me to continue growing in a better posture and healtht knees in order to function in a balanced way and achieve optimum performance daily. It was simple and fast process. I saw a doctor and got the imprints. I received the inserts within weeks. I feel more balance walking, and working. They are quality inserts and have out lasted my boots themselves.

The staff is soo amazingly friendly too. I actually recommended it to my mother who actually came in for treatment for fibromyalgia and has shown positive results.

Custom Orthotics

Custom Made Orthotics Toronto

Variety of choices for orthotic needs.


Body Braces

Body Braces

All Types: wrist, knee, ankle, back, & more.


Compression Wear

Compression Wear, Sock, Stockings

Legwear, arm sleeves, gloves and more.


Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic Shoes/Footwear

Designed to accommodate foot abnormalities.


Insurance Coverage

We will help you understand the benefits of your Insurance Coverage.

Our clients often use their Extended Health Care plans or, ODSP, ADP, or Circle of Care for our services. With over 13 years serving the community, we are well recognized and appreciated in the health care field. We take great pride in our attention to care and detail, and most of all, our clients. We look forward to serving you soon