Transform Your Comfort with Lymphedema Garments

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that causes swelling and discomfort, but compression garments can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Compression garments are a critical component of lymphedema management. These specialized garments apply pressure to the affected limb, which helps to increase blood and lymphatic fluid flow. The pressure from the garment also helps to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the affected area, reducing swelling and discomfort.

The benefits of compression garments for lymphedema management include reducing swelling, improving mobility and function, and preventing complications such as infections and skin breakdown. The level of compression needed can vary depending on the severity of the lymphedema, which is why it’s important to have a professional fitting to ensure the proper compression level and fit.

Types of Lymphedema Garments

Lymphedema garments come in various styles and types, designed to target specific areas of the body affected by lymphedema.

  • Compression stockings and socks: These are used to manage swelling in the legs and feet caused by lymphedema. Compression stockings and socks apply pressure to the affected areas, helping to improve lymphatic flow and reduce swelling.

  • Arm sleeves and gloves: These are designed to manage swelling in the arms and hands caused by lymphedema. Arm sleeves and gloves are made of stretchy materials that apply pressure to the affected areas, helping to improve lymphatic flow and reduce swelling.

  • Vests and bodysuits: These are used to manage lymphedema in the trunk and chest area. Vests and bodysuits are designed to provide compression to the affected areas, helping to improve lymphatic flow and reduce swelling.

At Care-Med, we offer a wide range of lymphedema garments, including custom-fit garments that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our experienced staff can help you choose the right type of garment for your condition and ensure that it fits properly.

Lymphedema Garments

Lymphedema garments are specialized medical garments that can help manage the symptoms of lymphedema and promote healthy circulation, improving quality of life for those who suffer from this condition.

Care-Med is an approved vendor and fitter for Lymphedema Garments and medical compression legwear, arm sleeves, vests, gloves and gauntlets.

Medical compression stockings for him and her

Mediven compression stockings for your everyday, daily needs. Several choices of products, classes, compression and colours in a variety of styles that match your lifestyle.


Medi offers a complete range of compression knitwear, 4 choices of circular knit and 4 choices of flat knit, always aiming to offer a variety of choices that best meet the needs of the patient.


Measured Inelastic compression therapy for venous disease and lymphedema. CircAid provides adjustable inelastic compression for venous and lymphatic disorders during day and night, promoting self-management and an improved quality of life.

Lohmann & Rauscher

Lohmann & Rauscher has more than 170 years of experience manufacturing top-quality dressing materials and medical devices. The Solaris Collection™ is designed by lymphedema therapists through patient feedback, providing a range of products that supports lymphedema treatment from intensive phase all the way through self-management with daytime, nighttime, custom, and off-the-shelf solutions.


JOBST® specializes in improving the quality of life for those suffering from venous & lymphatic diseases. We develop and manufacture medical products used in the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases including: varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymphoedema.

Compression Garments

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Essentially, a fitting specialist ensures that you get a garment that is particular to your specific needs.

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