Lymphedema garments come in many different styles for the various applications they perform.

The garments are strategically created for every area of the body that may be afflicted by lymphedema, and you can have your choice of style and fit.

  • The sleeve is worn on the arm during any situation. It is comfortable and can be quite stylish to match your wardrobe.
  • A gauntlet or finger glove is worn on hand without individual finger cutouts and often complements a sleeve to reduce the effects of lymphedema.

  • For women, you can have a support bra to treat lymphedema in the chest area or a complete vest (for men and women) when you need the support in the trunk area.

  • Compression shoulder sleeves come in a single or dual wrap for problems that exist in the upper regions of the body. A neck wrap can also help with any distress that you might be experiencing due to shoulder problems.

  • Compression shorts work to alleviate problems you may be experiencing in the groin area when dealing with lymphedema. They are comfortable and unnoticeable when worn in any situation.

  • Compression wraps are affixed to problem areas, and they deal in a localized treatment that requires pressure to remove invasive fluids. They can be manually applied, and the pressure can be modified as the patient becomes tolerant to the treatment. Wraps are also known as bandages because they are wrapped to the body as a bandage is applied.

  • Compressions socks were created for problems in the foot and ankle area, and they help relieve issues that affect mobility.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing Lymphedema Garments, you can have a daytime and a nighttime sleeve if the problems are acute that need constant treatment. Also consider buying two sleeves for use; that way, you can launder one without sacrificing treatment or comfort.

When you purchase the equipment you need, you can buy off the shelf or have a certified professional fit you for the right pieces of compression wear to treat your problem areas. Most people should have someone with experience deal with your fitting because an incorrect fit will cause problems. You could get too little pressure or too much pressure, and both will aggravate the condition to no end.

Compression garments have a shelf-life of three to six months (depending on usage). To get the best results from the compression wear, you should frequently rotate out old garments.

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    Care-Med is an approved vendor and fitter for Lymphedema Garments and medical compression legwear, arm sleeves, vests, gloves and gauntlets.

    Medical compression stockings for him and her

    Mediven compression stockings for your everyday, daily needs. Several choices of products, classes, compression and colours in a variety of styles that match your lifestyle.


    Medi offers a complete range of compression knitwear, 4 choices of circular knit and 4 choices of flat knit, always aiming to offer a variety of choices that best meet the needs of the patient.


    Measured Inelastic compression therapy for venous disease and lymphedema. CircAid provides adjustable inelastic compression for venous and lymphatic disorders during day and night, promoting self-management and an improved quality of life.

    Lohmann & Rauscher

    Lohmann & Rauscher has more than 170 years of experience manufacturing top-quality dressing materials and medical devices. The Solaris Collection™ is designed by lymphedema therapists through patient feedback, providing a range of products that supports lymphedema treatment from intensive phase all the way through self-management with daytime, nighttime, custom, and off-the-shelf solutions.


    JOBST® specializes in improving the quality of life for those suffering from venous & lymphatic diseases. We develop and manufacture medical products used in the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases including: varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymphoedema.

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    Essentially, a fitting specialist ensures that you get a garment that is particular to your specific needs.

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