Care-Med is an approved vendor and fitter for Lymphedema Garments and medical compression legwear, arm sleeves, vests, gloves and gauntlets.

Care-Med is Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, ADP (Assistive Devises Program), ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) OWP (Ontario Works Program) approved  Vendor and fitter for Pressure Modification Devises for Primary and Secondary Lymphedema. We provide full support from signing and filing applications to proper measuring and dispensing ordered garments.

Our medically trained and certified fitters will measure for ready made or custom made garments and dispense them accordingly. We make sure that all follow up appointments are scheduled on time and our clients have proper garments.

At our office we offer all types and brands of compression wear available in Canada. Both elastic and Non-elastic (Velcro adjustable) arm sleeves and leg sleeves, from best brands can be ordered ready made or fully custom from our office. We provide service to children and adults with lymphedema in GTA and out of town.

Care-Med is also registered vendor of Lymphedema Compression Pumps by Bio-Compression.

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Medical compression stockings for him and her

Mediven compression stockings for your everyday, daily needs. Several choices of products, classes, compression and colours in a variety of styles that match your lifestyle.

Lymphedema Garments by Mediven
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Medi offers a complete range of compression knitwear, 4 choices of circular knit and 4 choices of flat knit, always aiming to offer a variety of choices that best meet the needs of the patient.

Mediven Lymphedema Garments
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Measured Inelastic compression therapy for venous disease and lymphedema. CircAid provides adjustable inelastic compression for venous and lymphatic disorders during day and night, promoting self-management and an improved quality of life.

CircAid Compression Therapy
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Soft and comfortable thanks to the revolutionary, and exceptionally elastic, three-dimensional fabric texture that adapts perfectly to the limb. The graduated compression stimulates correct venous and lymphatic return and acts effectively to reduce the edema. Suitable for conservative treatment of post-trauma and iatrogenic lymphedema. With Sanitized® hygienic function.


JOBST® specializes in improving the quality of life for those suffering from venous & lymphatic diseases. We develop and manufacture medical products used in the care and management of venous and lymphatic diseases including: varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, peripheral edemas and lymphoedema.