Advantages & Benefits of
Hand & Wrist Braces

Hand and wrist braces come in an exact size to apply pressure and immobilize a wrist which is sometimes totally necessary after injury to help the rehabilitation process of the effected wrist. This provides proper compression and will help heal the ligaments and bones.

Wrist braces are made up of a combination of soft and ridged materials. You may need more ridged stability after injury, and need to wear a brace that will immobilize unnecessary movement at the wrist joint. Conditions such as wrist tendinitis, also known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, will benefit from daily use of wrist support along with good compression and some restriction in mobility at the wrist joint.

When your daily activity require lots of heavy lifting and repetitive movement at the wrist such as typing and patient care you may want to consult with your doctor on wearing wrist support as a preventive measure.

To get proper wrist brace/support you need to be measured and properly fit. It must be snug and comfortable. It should be able to apply enough pressure and control stability without causing pain.

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Hand & Wrist Braces help:

  • Stability: Increased wrist stabilization is one of the noticeable benefits by wearing a brace, reducing range of motion and aiding recovery.
  • Reduce inflammation: Less irritation of the affected area reduces risk of inflammation and pain. 
  • Protect: When recovering from an injury, a wrist brace provides protectionby restricting movement to a degree, contributing to healing.

Supports the wrist without hindering everyday actions


ManuLoc® is a wrist orthosis which is prescribed for use following diagnosis of a “mouse hand”, carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or other irritation. It keeps the wrist still while allowing gripping movements. Inappropriate mechanical stress is avoided. Thanks to its breathable materials and additional air holes, it still feels very comfortable even after hours of wear.

  • Stabilizes and protects
  • Allows gripping movements
  • Lightweight, flat, skin-friendly and easy to use

This stabilizing orthosis supports the wrist without hindering everyday actions. Following bruising or a sprain, it protects and supports the hand while the irritation subsides. It is designed to provide the necessary support while allowing freedom of movement for the fingers, thanks to features such as its generous thumb opening. Wearing the orthosis prevents you from making movements that could cause pain, but your hand is still able to grip objects. The ManuLoc can be worn on the right wrist or the left.

Stabilizing the wrist, thumb, long fingers and parts of the forearm

ManuLoc® Rhizo

In the case of irritation and combination injuries that affect the wrist as well as the thumb carpometacarpal joint and thumb basal joint, the ManuLoc Rhizo immobilizes the wrist and holds the thumb securely in a relaxed position with a support. The construction of the orthosis can be individually adjusted in line with the progress of treatment, whereby the mobility of the thumb basal joint is gradually increased and eventually the thumb support can be removed.

  • Stabilizes the wrist and supports the thumb
  • Mobility can be adjusted as treatment requires
  • Easy to put on and take off with one hand

The aluminum stays incorporated in the ManuLoc Rhizo orthosis provide secure support for the wrist and thumb. These stays are already anatomically contoured, but they can also be individually adjusted by an orthotist to offer optimum support. Although immobilization of the joint is paramount at the start of treatment, it is also important to gradually exercise the muscles to ensure long-term regeneration.

The secure hold provided by the thumb support can be loosened using a VELCRO® Brand tab at the thumb, giving the thumb basal joint greater freedom of movement in a controlled way. Once a sufficient degree of mobility has been restored, the thumb support can be completely removed. This makes it possible for you to grip objects with all of your fingers again, while your hand is still stabilized and the risk of further injuries is reduced.

Support the thumb carpometacarpal and basal joints

ManuLoc® Rhizo Long Plus

ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus immobilizes the entire hand, stabilizing the wrist, thumb, long fingers and parts of the forearm. The protective immobilization relieves pain immediately. It can be reduced gradually as treatment progresses, as the thumb brace and finger support are removable. This lightweight orthosis is easy to put on and take off with one hand.

  • Immobilizes the entire hand, including the thumb
  • Fixes the long fingers in the protective outstretched hand or intrinsic plus position
  • Relieves pain
  • The adjustable thumb brace and finger support can be removed
  • Easy to put on with one hand

The ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is a long hand orthosis with a removable finger support and thumb brace. It immobilizes the entire hand and parts of the forearm, reliably stabilizing the wrist, thumb carpometacarpal and basal joints, and the joints of the long fingers. Three anatomically pre-shaped aluminum stays hold the wrist in a functional position and relieve strain.

They also stabilize parts of the forearm and reliably restrict stretching, bending, and rotating movements in the hand. The thumb is immobilized in opposition position using a shapeable aluminum stay to relieve strain from the lateral ligaments. The adjustable finger support fixes the palm of the hand and the long fingers in the outstretched hand or intrinsic plus position. In the latter position, the outer capsular ligaments are gently extended, preventing damage due to immobilization.

Supports provide stability and comfort to painful wrists


ManuTrain® wrist supports take the strain off your wrist and provides pain relief. To do this, the flexible soft knitted fabric has padded inserts incorporated into it, which takes pressure off nerves and blood vessels and provide soothing pain relief. The brace conforms to your wrist shape for a secure hold. The ManuTrain brace takes the strain off your wrist and soothes wrist pain. Gentle compression accelerates the healing of soft tissue irritation. ManuTrain is useful for Carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation of the tendon in the wrist, arthritis, overuse, or following an injury.

As you move your hand, the support reacts and provides a massaging effect for soothing pain relief. An adjustable strap lets you control the amount of compression for excellent comfort and an adaptable stay can be added for even more stabilization. Adding to the level of comfort, our soft, machine-washable knit fabric is lightweight and breathable. To wash, machine wash in the gentle cycle, which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.

A ManuTrain wrist brace ensures a painful wrist won’t interrupt your daily life.

Stabilizes the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint


Following thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments (“skier’s thumb”), or for indications of osteoarthritis (arthrosis of first carpometacarpal joint) or irritation, RhizoLoc stabilizes the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint. A VELCRO® Brand tab allows the mobility of the joint to be limited as treatment requires.

  • Comfortable and stable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Breathable material

The RhizoLoc thumb orthosis has an individually adaptable aluminum stay which stabilizes the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint. This allows for optimal healing of the affected collateral ligaments. A special VELCRO® Brand tab can be adjusted in order to limit the movement of the metacarpophalangeal joint and to immobilize it as treatment requires.

Hand & Wrist Braces can reduce the risk of injury or re-injury, alleviate pain, and promote healing

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