LumboTrain® (Lady) Back Support Brace

LumboTrain® (Lady) Back Support Brace

Orthopedic brace for muscular stabilization of the lumbar spine

  • Supports and massages the muscles of the lower back
  • For treating pain and tension
  • Comfortable, breathable knitted fabric


Sizing Chart


  • 01 Reduced pressure at the edges
    prevents constriction
  • 02 High elasticity
    adapts to every movement and makes the support extremely
  • 03 Hand straps
    make the support easy to put on
  • 04 Breathable Train knit
    gentle on the skin and extremely comfortable to wear
  • 05 Three-dimensional Train knit relieves and
    gently straightens the lumbar spine
  • 06 Viscoelastic pad with frictional nubs
    supports the stabilization of the lumbar spine and reduces pain
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