Back Support Brace
Benefits and Advantages

With the increased back injuries, which lead to varying pains due to the function needed by our spinal column, back support braces are the best choice for conservative treatment.

A good number of support braces today have a compression that gives a full congenial fit around you. As a result of chronic conditions or acute injuries that outbursts, back conditions, and injuries end up in a circle of muscle spasm and inflammation—the musculature contracts into voluntary muscle contractions or involuntary spasms to protect the injured soft tissues or joints, which in turn reduces back pains.

With a good aim of protecting the spine, the muscles can sometimes go on an “overdrive” mode. Back support braces help the core muscles supporting the spine relax and not end up in the “overdrive-protection mode.” As a result, one can get up and move around freely without many struggles, as it is with back spasms.

There are many designs of back support braces in the market today. Different designs are made of different materials, for example, hard plastic, laces, Velcro, soft plastic, and elastic. The designs are meant to fit the other back parts: lower lumbar, tailbone, mid-spine, and sacrum.

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Conditions where back support braces are useful:

  • Sprain /strain – acute

  • Post-operative support

  • Instability: chronic or traumatic

  • Bulging or herniated disc

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Fracture management

  • De-conditioned or postural back pain

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

A back support brace should:

  • Fit you well
  • Be comfortable
  • Feel supportive
  • Provide some pain relief

Relief for lumbar/spine region


Doctors tend to order an orthosis for someone suffering from pain. For a patient suffering from pain around the lumbar/ spine region, LumboLoc is the perfect relief that they need. One of the main features of Lumboloc is its flexibility. This feature gives room for it to be adjusted into the perfect fit that provides comfort and relief for the user.

One advantage of this support device is that it is light in weight, and its elastic material allows free air circulation. LumboLoc completely counters the pain that you have been experiencing.

LumboLoc is designed not only to treat one disorder but several of them, which include:

  • One of them is Lumbago, a disorder accompanied by extreme pain in the back joints and lower muscles. LumboLoc also helps curb a problem caused by long-term immobility, shown by the shortening of back muscles. This problem is called Myostatic deficiency.
  • LumboLoc also helps defeat Facet Syndrome, characterized by pain and irritation in the small intervertebral joints in the lower parts.
  • If you are experiencing an irritation in the lower back, commonly referred to as Ilosacral joint irritation, LumboLoc will help you overcome the problem.
  • One of the most painful moments one can face is when experiencing Degenerative spinal changes. However, LumboLoc helps lower pain and discomfort, thus making it easier for one to stand and sit.
  • Intervertebral Disk Weakness. A person feels a lot of pain when their discs weaken, and this fantastic LumboLoc device helps ease the pain and provide comfort while sitting and standing.
  • LumboLoc also assists in postural disorders that are not major by reducing the pain caused by declining and poor posture.

Stabilizes lumbar/spine region muscles


LumboTrain is a brace that is mainly used to keep the muscles in the lumbar spine area stable. This orthopedic device offers a great massage on the back of the user. The device is made from knitted fabric that allows free air circulation and is designed appropriately to curb tension and pain. LumboTrain is indeed one of the most comfortable devices to wear when experiencing back pains.

Due to many ingrained problems that patients have been facing, LumboTrain has been designed in such a way that it can curb most of them, which may include the following:

  • It comprises a viscoelastic pad accompanied by friction pads, which play a crucial role in stabilizing the lumbar spine. It, in turn, reduces the pain experienced in that region.
  • The brace is excellently elastic, which makes moving very easy due to the top-notch support provided.
  • The brace is lightweight, and its knitted fabric gives comfort to the skin due to its gentle nature.
  • The device is designed to straighten the spine. It is made up of a train knit of three dimensions, which helps in pain relief.
  • Its edges are pressure reduced which plays a significant role in stopping constrictions.

Relief for pelvis and the sacroiliac joints


Some people experience extreme pain around the sacroiliac and pelvis joints. For such kinds of irritating conditions, all you need is a SacroLoc brace. This device helps a lot in pain relief, and I am sure you will not regret getting it. When you put the brace on, you immediately experience an instant reduction in pain, which most people suffering from the condition wish for.

The best thing about these braces is that they have tension straps that fit in perfectly into the contours of your body. Sacroloc treats numerous conditions. The conditions are mainly related to the lower part of your back. It is the region where the Iliac bone meets the pelvis. Acute pains are caused by injuries or tightness around this region, and it is advisable to curb the pain before things get worse and lead to more severe conditions.

Some of the conditions treated by SacroLoc are as follows:

  • For the people who sit or stand for many hours in their workplaces, Sacroloc is the best choice of brace for you for it dramatically reduces the pressure caused by long periods of either standing or sitting.
  • Tendopathia Myalgia conditions. These are among the most irritating and painful conditions brought about by irritation in the muscle area most of the time. Sacroloc counteracts this irritation through the stabilization and support that they offer.
  • For a person who has had a treatment of lumbar fusion, it is advisable to get this SacroLoc brace since it reduces the extreme disturbances in the structures affected.
  • Symphysis rupture is yet another condition treated by SacroLoc. This condition occurs when the primary cartilage joining the pelvis bones experiences trauma. Sacroloc reduces the pain, thus bringing about the feel of relaxation once the pain starts to fade away.

Sacroloc perfectly offers stability, which is considered in all braces, thus making movement easier. Get yours today and enjoy the comfort that it brings about.

For straightening and stabilizing the spine

SofTec Dorso

Talking of multi-purpose devices, this is one of them. This device is mainly used where cases of vertebral displacement are detected. If you are thinking of straightening your spine and bringing about stability at the points of transition in the spinal column, then SofTec Dorso is the perfect choice for you.

This brace is user-friendly and easy to put on. It also has many adjustment straps that make the device more convenient for your use.

SofTec helps in many areas, which may include the following;

  • Fracture conservation and management.
  • Stabilization in the post-operative settings.
  • Treatment of Spondylitis and tumors.

The most fantastic thing about this brace is the great pleasure you enjoy after putting it on. It is made up of knitted fabric and light in weight with breathable pores, and that ensures free circulation of air around the area it covers. It also has bars that are reinforced by carbon, and as a result, they offer firm support to the back during the recovery process.

Live a pain- free- life by getting yourself this super unique back brace.

Stabilization of the lumbar spine with mobilization function

Spinova Immo Plus

This multi-functioned brace plays a primary role in stabilizing the lumbar region. It takes part in treatment in three stages. It is a sure bet that one does not struggle when putting on and removing this back brace.

The various areas that this device helps are as stated below:

  • Facet syndrome. It is a problem that has visible symptoms such as hypermobility.
  • It curbs the growth of a tumor.
  • When experiencing extreme pain in the lumbar region (lumbar sciatica), you only need the Spinova Immo Plus back brace, and the pain will instantly go away, giving you all the comfort you need.
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosies. It comes from narrowing the spinal canal, which causes a lot of pain around the area affected. The Spinnova Immo Plus helps a lot in reducing this pain.
  • Sometimes, your muscles can weaken, thus reducing performance. This device helps in a big way in strengthening the weakened muscles, thus preventing their degeneration.
  • Spinova also corrects vertebrae problems like displacement and gap formations in the joints.
  • It also heals foraminal stenosis, which is mainly caused by the narrowing of the root canal.
  • It treats Osteochondrosis condition, which is the intervertebral disc change in terms of pathology.

It is clear how important back support braces are. Get that comfort you need around your back area by buying the back support brace that suits your condition.

Back Support Braces provide PROPRIOCEPTION

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