Compression Pump Therapy is increasingly recognized as an effective treatment for lymphedema.

A new treatment for suffers’ of lymphedema is the pneumatic compression pump. It is an intermittent compression pump that serves to help suffers from pain relief and fluid discharge. The pump is an inflatable device that improves blood flow and helps heal wounds that a person may experience. The way you use the pump is to fit it over the afflicted area, and the air pump inflates cushions embedded in the sleeve, forcing pressure on the area. Once the area is under pressure, it forces fluids to circulate in your body for expulsion.

The primary model applies uniform pressure over the entire extremity.

When you need a compression pump, look to one that comes with a high standard of quality and utility. The appliance should have at least three segments that work sequentially to apply pressure to the extremity that works from hand or foot to the torso. The pressure creates a gentle a massaging action forcing the fluid build-up back to the torso where it can be expelled naturally through the body’s systems. As someone uses the pump, it can be aligned with higher pressure as the patient’s condition improves, and they become more tolerant of the treatment.

Using bio compression pumps is an easy. The pumps are lightweight, comfortable to wear during treatment, and are quiet. The best part is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Based on the ease and ability, a high degree of patients report overall satisfaction and a high degree of use among people surveyed.

When you have venous insufficiency, Lymphedema Compression Pumps work wonders for your condition. It also serves as an excellent solution if you have lymphedema in conjunction with a venous problem. Sequential pressure is applied cyclically; it inflates and deflates the sleeve that is adjustable based on need.


If the Lymphedema Compression Pump was recommended and prescribed to you by a doctor or therapist, we offer complimentary tryout of arm and leg pumping at the office by pre/booked appointment only

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Bio Compression Pneumatic Compression Pump Demo Video (SC-2008-DL)

Bio Compression Pneumatic Compression Pump Demo Video (SC-2004-DL)