As the COVID-19 pandemic rages through our society, more and more people are relegated to working from home. Those who can work from home keep the economy moving in some form that helps support the tax base. But, working from home comes with drawbacks that manifest themselves.

Leaving our office’s cozy confines for more austere surroundings at home means some comforts will be lost. Our ergonomic workspace at the office is something we cherish as it keeps us in good posture and protects our bodies from the pain associated with overwork through repetitive tasks.

At home, we may not enjoy the workplace creature comforts, and that causes pain in certain areas. Through our tasks, elbow pain can be the result of tasks we perform, and the best way to resolve the issue is through the use of an elbow brace. It can work to stabilize, immobilize and protect the elbow from further damage and pain.

At Care-Med, we carry medical devices like elbow braces to help people who have elbow pain and help reduce the pain felt when working. Our goal is to reduce the pain you suffer from our excellent medical devices and keep you working when you wear the device.

Elbow pain comes from many areas – degenerative conditions and injuries – and our devices will help in any situation that a person experiences when pain control and relief are essential.

The benefits of wearing an elbow brace

  1. An elbow brace is used as a treatment for your elbow problems and can be an alternative to drug therapy when you have elbow problems. If your treatment calls for specialized treatments covered by provincial healthcare plans as they are considered outside the treatment regimen, it could be a costly endeavour. Using an elbow brace restricts the extra costs you may be looking at and helps eliminate the movement restrictions you face when you don’t wear an elbow brace.
  2. Muscle tightness in your elbow will cause pain, there is no doubt about it, and it has been detailed in clinical settings for many years. Wearing an elbow brace reduces the pain you feel because it helps reduces the stress placed on the muscles in your elbow when you have an injury or degenerative condition. Also, as a device that reduces pain through the restriction of movement in the affected area, it allows the muscles a chance to rest, and the reduction in inflammation helps spur the healing process.
  3. Elbow braces help prevent the poor health outcomes of chronic conditions, and they can head them off at the pass, so to speak. If you work in an environment where repetitive movements are part of your job description and elbow can stop the effects that chronic elbow problems can cause. Think about your job for a moment. Do you work with a computer and type and use a mouse throughout the day? If so, you might consider an elbow brace to restrict the decline of muscles and tendons in your elbow. Certainly, you may not have elbow pain now, but don’t you expect to do the same work for years on end? If you do, you could be setting yourself up for problems, and isn’t it better to get out in front of the problems before they begin?

Types of elbow braces you can wear, orthopedic devices

  • The hinged elbow brace is one that is used to keep your arm and elbow in a stationary position. There are three reasons why this brace is right for you: it provides comfort, support, and protection for an injured elbow. The brace will stimulate the healing process and keep surgically repaired areas protected so they will heal properly.
  • An immobilization brace can serve two different functions – the non-articulated and articulated, locked brace. The brace protects the arm/elbow because it eliminates movement altogether. This brace is worn after a trauma or surgery and stops any early movements that will impair the healing process early in the treatment cycle.
  • Wearing a restriction brace will allow for some active and passive movement in the elbow as long as the movement is within a specific range. Flexion and extension are regulated to prevent further injury. If you need to regulate pronation or supination, this brace had controls to limit that activity in your elbow.
  • A mobilization brace works to exert force on the soft tissue that is retracted and will help maintain or increase movement in the elbow. This brace is frequently worn after a trauma or surgery and is stop on the road to healing through a limited range of motion.
  • Compression straps are used to treat chronic conditions like golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow. If you suffer from tendinitis or bursitis, this device can be worn as it can be adjusted to create compression on tendons in the forearm. The reduction of pressure felt by the tendon reduces the pain as it moves through the arm to the elbow.

Care-Med has the device for your condition.

At Care-Med, we have over 13 years of working with your physician to help treat your elbow problems with medical devices that relieve pain and spur the healing process. Our credentialed, certified experts would take your medical diagnosis and use it to match your problems with the solutions in our inventory when it comes to elbow braces.

At Care-Med, we accept all major insurance carriers when you need help paying for your new elbow brace. If you have Veteran’s Affairs benefits, Circle of Care coverage, or use ODSP benefits or Ontario Works benefits, the help you need is assured.

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