The human body is a biomechanical marvel. It operates hundreds of systems serving specific purposes that help a person enjoy life through the complexity of the systems’ operations. The problem is that humans are prone to injuries that interrupt our systems’ operations, and then we need help to correct the problem.

Elbow pain is one area where the body needs help counteracting the pain caused by injury or degenerative issues associated with the elbow. The disorders are many, and they can come from the most unlikely sources that we have come to expect for injuries and afflictions.

In the realm of sports, injuries related to participation in activities account for many of the injuries that people suffer from. Baseball players, golfers, tennis players, and boxers will suffer from elbow injuries for various reasons.

Problems in the elbow area aren’t limited to the elbow per se but can result from problems in other areas that cause elbow problems. Working from home with less than ideal support from ergonomic office equipment will only inflame your elbow problems. That is why you must have somewhere to turn to mitigate the pain you feel when working all day at a desk.

Problems that originate in arm muscles, ligaments in the elbow, tendon problems, bones in the upper and lower arm, and the bursae can impact the elbow’s function.

Elbow pain can be made a thing of the past when you have the right medical device to suit your condition. That is where your friends at Care-Med enter the picture. They have the help you need to mitigate your elbow pain with an excellent product that will sustain your activities when you wear it.

When you consult with the credentialed, certified experts at Care-Med, you can count on a strategic plan aligned with your physician’s instructions that will restore daily movements and range of motion when you engage the qualified staff at Care-Med.

Elbow problems come in different types.

Medial epicondylitis 

  • This is a problem of the inner elbow tendons; golfers and baseball players will see this affliction affect them when they play too much golf or baseball. The cause of the affliction is the downward plane of the golf swing or the throwing motion attributed to baseball. Swinging a hammer all day long can cause this condition. Pain from this activity will affect the inner elbow, and wrist movements often trigger pain.

Lateral epicondylitis

  • Also known as lateral elbow tendinopathy, it commonly referred to as tennis elbow. The condition causes pain on the outside of the elbow – racquet sports and some professions will cause the condition to be acute. Working professionals in fields like cooks, painters, carpenters, factory workers, and plumbers will suffer from this condition due to the repetitive nature of the work they perform. You know you have this problem if you feel a burning sensation on the outside of your elbow, and you will have difficulties gripping objects.

Olecranon bursitis

  • Olecranon bursitis goes by many names based on how the affliction comes to the fore. Students, miners, and draftsmen are the common denominator based on the activities they engage in. Your bursae are small fluid sacs that help protect and cushion joints, and the bursitis problem affects the pointy elbow bone. Causes of the condition vary, but the impact to the elbow, spending too much time leaning on your elbow, and infection or arthritis can trigger the condition. Swelling, pain and problems moving your elbow are indicators of the situation.


  • Osteoarthritis is a generative condition that affects the cartilage in your elbow – it is the connective tissue between your bone and the joints. Tissues will deteriorate, and damage ensues. The cause is two-fold, either from an injury or age that causes wear and tear on the joints. Pain in the elbow is the first signal of the problem, along with difficulties bending the elbow, your elbow locks up, or you hear what amounts to a grating sound in your elbow and swelling.

elbow-braces-for-elbow-pain-and-injuriesDislocations and fractures create long-term problems.

If you have fallen and your arm is outstretched, a fracture to the elbow or worse, a dislocation can be the direct result. A dislocation is defined as bones moving from their original location. A fracture is defined as a broken or cracked bone in the arm/elbow area.

If you see that your elbow has radically changed in look – swelling, bruising or discolouration, an elbow joint that can’t be moved, or intense pain in the elbow should be all the indications you need to know that you have problems.

Ligaments, what you need to know

Sprains and strains are common, occurring injuries for an elbow injury. The trauma associated with an injury or repetitive tasks will inflame elbow ligaments. Your elbow ligaments may be stretched or torn – partially or wholly. If you have ligament problems, you will feel pain, elbow instability, swelling around the elbow and a decreased range of motion for the elbow.

Osteochondritis dissecans

The common name of osteochondritis dissecans is Panner’s disease, which afflicts people who play competitive sports. The problem is that small pieces of cartilage and bone are broken off and rest in the elbow joint. The result is pain and extreme tenderness to the elbow, and it extends to the arm. A locking feeling in the elbow will be the predominant symptom of this affliction.

Make elbow pain a thing of the past with help from Care-Med.

For more than 13 years, your friends at Care-Med have helped solve elbow problems that result in pain and reduced range in movement. We specialize in medical devices that provide pain relief and a return to an active lifestyle that we all crave. Improving your work environment can be the difference between working for a living and not; that is why it has never been more important to receive a consultation from Care-Med for the medical device you need to be a productive member of society.

At Care-Med, we accept extended healthcare plans, Circle of Life, ADP, ODSP, Veteran’s Affairs benefits and Ontario Works for your pain relief medical device. For more information on the medical devices we have available for your elbow problems, please visit our website – elbow braces – to review the products in our inventory.

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