Almost nothing can ruin the enjoyment of playing tennis as much as an elbow that hurts. Every stroke in the game requires flexing the joint and a follow through with force except for drop shots. Most people cannot tolerate the pain and avoid playing instead, a decision that sacrifices the benefits of healthy exercise and friendly competition.

Golfers have the same problem for drives off the tee or chipping onto the green. An EpiTrain® orthopedic brace allows you to return to sports by helping reduce the pain and the tension.

Detecting a Need

Alleviating Tennis Elbow with CompressionTennis and golf elbows have a scientific name called epicondylitis. This describes the malady that occurs when you overuse the tendons in the joint. However, many other circumstances can cause the condition as well.

The burning and stabbing pain that you feel leaves no room for doubt that you have a problem with your elbow. The need for exercise continues even when joints that hurt make it difficult. However, you may benefit from a brace that helps relieve the discomfort.

Anyone can have a painful elbow from simple things like a strain or a sprain. Anyone who does repetitive work can suffer from it as well. Serious conditions that result after surgery can cause it, but a brace that lessens the discomfort can make the difference between suffering or not.

Blows to the Joint

Anyone who has bumped an elbow on a certain spot knows the awful feeling that produces a tingling sensation and sharp pain for a brief time. While it has no relationship with humor, most people say they hit their “funny bone”. A nerve that can produce a numbing sensation. The kind of pain that it produces seems to go away in a few minutes, but a blow to the elbow can cause discomfort over time.


The elbow seems to take the brunt when you fall forward or back. With an attempt to catch yourself, you may stretch the muscles and tendons in the joint and make them hurt. The effect may resemble the pain that you feel in delivering a powerful stroke in tennis or getting out of a bunker with your sand wedge. The intensity of the pain makes you want to prevent it from happening again.

Sport Climbing

While climbing a rock or a wall requires you to use your hands differently than golf or tennis, it can produce the same kind of discomfort in your elbow. For sports injuries, a decision to play through the pain does not produce the desired results. An orthopedic brace can provide relief and let you use your elbow for other purposes until it heals.

High Force

Even though beginning golfers learn to hold a club as gently as a bird, almost everyone on a golf course wants to hit a ball as hard as possible to get the longest distance. Professional tennis players show the effect of combining spinning with speed to make a ball very difficult to return. Intense stress on the elbow can make you quit playing unless you can find relief from the pain.

Repetitious Work

You may notice protective equipment on the right elbow of check out cashiers that indicate the damage that repetitive motion can do. The act of scanning your purchases requires them to pick up each item, move it, hold it and package it repetitively thousands of times every day. Many construction jobs make workers use equipment that affects the elbow, and computer keyboards keep hands and arms in the same position for long periods. Employment in manufacturing may require assembly line work, and workers who process shipments for immediate delivery face the pressures of time as well as repetition.

Understanding the Effects of Repetitive Motion

The uninterrupted and repetitive use of your elbow can produce pain that informs you of the damage taking place. Overexertion can cause it, and it may occur from an unfortunate situation that puts you in an awkward position.

The incorrect posture that you may assume when you hit a tennis ball on the run can give you less leverage than usual, and a divot on the fairway does not come easily to many people. Tennis does not require you to hit the ground with your racket and does not recommend it, but golf does. The stress that a divot may impact on your elbow can create a problem that needs relief.

When you overexert your muscles and tendons or experience muscle fatigue, you increase the likelihood of causing damage that creates golf or tennis elbow.

EpiTrain® orthopedic braceGetting Relief through Compression

An increase in blood flow occurs when you apply compression to your elbow. The design of the EpiTrain® orthopedic brace produces a particularly beneficial effect. With the warmth that it creates, you get an increase in nutrient levels and oxygen that nourish the tendons and help rejuvenate your muscles.

The brace provides support that helps prevent the pain of stress and strain on the joint. By preparing the joint to resist the effects of repetitive motion, you can continue your game.

With support, your elbow joint can receive relief from persistent pain that interferes with your sports activities. By improving your circulation to the area, an orthopedic brace can maintain joint stability. It comforts the injured area by helping prevent any more insults to muscles and tendons that already feel the pain.

Choosing EpiTrain® for Targeted Compression

Our elbow support can help prevent aggravation to your golf or tennis elbow, and it goes beyond prevention to help you heal symptoms of repetitive injuries. The EpiTrain® provides superior compression and the extra padding that you need to ensure the support that you need at the point of damage. With its excellent quality and effective performance, most insurance companies cover it.

When you wear it before you go on the course or the court, you can help avoid the discomfort of an injury. We recommend it for bursitis as well as tendinitis, strains and sprains, general pain relief and support following surgery.

More Information

Book an appointment with Care-Med to be fitted with our EpiTrain® orthopedic support brace. The three-dimensional train knit material allows the brace to fit perfectly with reduced pressure around the edges to prevent constriction. With a soft material that sits comfortably on your arm and the perfect amount of elasticity. This brace provides an anatomic fit with precise compression that you can expect from a quality product.

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