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Knee Support Braces

  • When your knee needs stabilization, pain relief, and activation to promote a movement that helps build confidence in the injured party, you will seek out a GenuTrain to wear. Overview
    • Precise pain relief
    • The knee joint is secured, and muscle activation is stimulated
    • An easily worn brace and the donning/doffing aid makes it easy to put on and take off
  • Patellar tracking or a misaligned kneecap – patellar lateralization – anterior knee pain or pain that comes from patellar tip syndrome is treated with a GenuTrain P3 brace. Overview
    • A secure kneecap
    • Pain relief
    • Airflow from the Train knit for wearing comfort
  • When your knee joint needs support, the GeuTrain S with sidebars is the best device you can wear. It will help stabilize the knee joint for instability, treat osteoarthritis and arthritis in the knee. Overview
    • Knee stabilization and activation of the musculature
    • Airflow through the Train active knit for comfort
    • Contoured to fit the wearer that provide excellent support
  • The multifunctional knee brace that is the SofTec Genu will treat several different conditions. Torn ligaments, collateral ligaments, injuries, or arthritis can be treated when wearing the device. Overview
    • Pain relief
    • A massage with every movement
    • Joint splints create knee stabilization
  • Another multifunctional knee brace for relief for the medial knee area helps relieve the problems that come from medial osteoarthritis of the knee. The brace stabilizes the patella, relieves pressure asserted on the knee while allowing for some muscle play. Overview
    • Pressure relief
    • Three-point principle reduces pain
    • A zippered brace to make it easy to put on and take off
    • Adjustable based need
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