In the past compression wear has been used to treat many conditions like edema – swelling- but compression wear has many uses that are beneficial to a patient who has problems in their arms, legs, and shoulders.

There are many causes for edema like heart problems, cirrhosis, kidney trouble, damaged veins, lymphatic issues and protein deficiency. Other causes can be found in the workplace, and they pose problems with pain and the reduction of a healthy lifestyle. In this blog, we at Care-Med would like to point out the benefits of using compression wear and how it will help mitigate future problems by being proactive in the present.

Benefits of compression wear

Reduce the effects of workday stress

Compression wearIf you have been confined to your home office to ride out the pandemic scourge or you work from home regularly, wear a compression garment. It is your best protection from common workplace injuries.

Certainly, stretching and getting up for a brief walk around is essential in any environment; wearing compression stocking provides significant protection. When you sit for long periods, pain can come from inactivity; wearing stocking reduces pain problems exponentially.

The fatigue factor lowers, and a reduction in swelling in the lower body are reduced to zero. Another point to make about sleeves is that they reduce your heart rate, translating into life-saving prevention when you think about heart disease.

A performance enhancer for athletes and those who exercise

To understand compression garments, you need to know that they come in graduated compression pressure points. When you wear one for exercise or sports activities, the compression – depending on your situation – will improve your workout or performance on the field or in the gym.

The compression improves circulation that is critical for oxygen flow for hard-working muscles, and the fatigue factor falls in line with the pressure applied by the garment of your choice. Workouts and playing sports stresses muscles, and often we are stiff after participation.

Wearing a compression garment reduces the stiffness, and you will have a full range of movement that you didn’t in the past before wearing a compression garment.

Improved mobility and lifestyle independence

Being weighed down by what is termed, as ‘tired or heavy legs’ can be a painful symptom of chronic problems in the human body’s biomechanical operation. The problems come from a lack of circulation, support that simulates blood flow if crucial to walking, running or moving around.

The reduction in swelling that could occur in your feet will be gone, and the ulcers will not form when walking or running. Sleeves, socks and stockings can be purchased in many colours and styles that are compatible with your activities when you wear them.

The stress of pregnancy

For women, when you have a little person growing inside you, it will create a host of complications that your body and mind will feel. Swelling and circulation problems are but two of the myriad of issues that are involved with a pregnancy.

There is relief for women who are having a difficult pregnancy through the use of a maternity compression garment. Support bands and compression stockings that offer gradual pressure are beneficial from the first trimester to the child’s birth and provide relaxation and comfort for the woman carrying a child.

Maternity-centric compression wear is made from a light elastic material that is breathable and offers excellent support to keep a woman comfortable. Staying active and relaxed during your pregnancy is what a maternity compression garment does, and you will be happy you are wearing one.

Varicose veins

If you work on your feet, you know the pain that is caused by varicose veins. It isn’t a severe problem, but it is still a painful ordeal for those who suffer from it. When you have the condition, telltale signs include veins that have swollen up and appear at the leg’s surface.

Poor blood circulation will cause a colour change of the veins – either bluish-purple or red. Compression stockings that are at the low-pressure end of the spectrum will gently keep your blood flowing back to your heart, and that is where the pain relief comes from.

If you catch the problem in its embryonic stage, you can prevent the problems from getting worse or forestall the problem becoming a serious difficulty to living everyday life.

Call on Care-Med for the help you need

When you have decided to make compression garments part of your life, consult our compression garment specialist at Care-Med. We will provide the advice you need to select the right device and give you a professional fitting to make sure the garment you need is a perfect fit. The garment needs the ‘Goldilocks’ fit, not too tight and not too loose to create the optimal results you need for comfort and confidence.

Please review our detailed list of compression garments – sleeves, stocking and socks – when you visit our website – Care-Med, compression socks and stockings, for more information.

For more than 15 years, we at Care-Med have been dispensing quality socks, stockings and sleeves that improve the quality of life and increase mobility for everyone who needs our help. The certified, credentialed specialists have a wealth of experience dealing with problems, and they will be able to address yours with a degree of professionalism that will impress you.

We will provide a specialized examination that will tell us what the problems are and how we can provide you with a means to an end that eliminates your suffering from pain. We treat the cause of your problems, not the symptoms, and that leads to long-term results that say relief like nothing else.

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