Lymphedema is a condition that attacks the lymphatic system and develops when something blocks the lymph vessels in your body.  The damage makes it hard for your body to remove fluids like blood cells, protein, and other waste products from your tissues. It can cause swelling in your arms or legs, making it challenging to move around or do daily activities such as driving a car or climbing stairs properly. A lymphedema pump therapy system ensures that fluid returns to the blood and includes several organs.

What Is a Lymphedema Pump?

Lymphedema pump devices use a vacuum to pull fluid out of the body, which can help reduce swelling, used to treat lymphedema.

Pumps often become part of a treatment plan alongside compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage. The goal is to restore circulation—and therefore reduce swelling—in affected limbs.

Does Lymphedema Pump Therapy Work?

A Lymphedema pump is effective to help reduce swelling and improve circulation to the affected area(s), and is safe for treatments.

It’s also used effectively with other therapies such as:

  • Compression garments (garments worn around the affected area).
  • Exercise routines (exercising helps get your blood flowing, which will improve fluid drainage).
  • Lymphatic Self-Massage (Which helps break up built-up fluids).
  • Compression bandages (wrapping your arms, so it restricts blood flow).

How does a Lymphedema Pump Work?

Pumps work by compressing and then releasing your limb. The device delivers pressure when you press the foot pedal, which creates a vacuum over the lymphatic system. It will then release the tension, allowing your limb to relax and fill with fluid before repeating this process. This action simulates manual lymphatic drainage therapy and helps reduce swelling in your limbs by moving fluid through them more efficiently.

The benefits of using lymphedema pump therapy include the following:

  • What is a lymphedema pump and do they workReducing swelling and pain.
  • Helping maintain mobility.
  • Reducing the risk of infection.
  • Preventing skin breakdown.
  • Maintaining range of motion.
  • Preventing the formation of scar tissue.
  • Helps to prevent the formation of lymphedema.
  • Improves quality of life.
  • A cost-effective alternative to surgery.

Compression pumps help break up the excess fluid in your limb, increase circulation, reduce swelling and improve mobility.

The Lymphedema Pump is an FDA-approved device that uses gentle, low-frequency pulses to reduce swelling in your limbs. It works by creating a vacuum pressure at the pump site, which draws fluid out of swollen tissues and returns it to circulation.

Will my Insurance Allow an IPC Device?

They are covered through medical insurance plans (covered by most insurance plans under Extremity Compression Pumps when prescribed by a specialist).

Lymphedema Pump therapy is recommended for patients with advanced or persistent lymphedema who have not responded well to conservative treatments such as manual lymph drainage massage, exercise therapy, and compression bandaging.

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