L&R ReadyWrap®

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L&R ReadyWrap®

ReadyWrap® is an excellent alternative to elastic compression hosiery.

The L&R ReadyWrap® Compression is an adjustable compression wrap designed for transitioning out of therapy into self-management for daytime and nighttime use. It offers a “custom” fit with standard size foot, calf, knee, and thigh units.

The product also features foot and toe units with digit spacers and individual straps for full foot coverage and adjustable compression.

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The L&R ReadyWrap® Compression is an adjustable compression garment designed for patients with venous and lymphatic disease. It’s available for both lower and upper extremities in standard sizes. The VELCRO® brand fasteners make it easy to use with color-coded short straps, and overlapping straps ensure optimal use of the garment. The low-profile design allows patients to wear their usual footwear.

ReadyWrap® can provide cost savings by reducing the use of bandaging materials and doctor visits with easy at-home compression care.

It has short-stretch properties, which provide therapeutic working pressure and a well-tolerated low resting pressure. It’s effective in the management of recurrent swelling and ulceration and is available in black or beige.

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L&R ReadyWrap® Compression Features

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