Lipoelastic ACTIVE Leggings

Lipoelastic ACTIVE Leggings

Suitable for everyday wear, sports activities, and travel

  • Limit swelling of the legs
  • Avoid the feeling of heavy legs
  • Prevent water retention in the body
  • Restrict cellulite
  • Can be worn as post-operative underwear for patients suffering from diseases of the lymphatic system
  • Support blood circulation
  • Encourage optical slimming of the lower limbs
  • Help to reduce symptoms of lipedema


  • Compression leggings without fastenings are finished at the waist with a wide, designed band, so they don’t roll or slide
  • The leg openings are finished with a clean laser cut to ensure maximum comfort around the ankles
  • Elastic flat seams prevent chafing and bruising of the skin
  • Leggings are made of a high compressive material which removes body moisture, suppressing the symptoms of cellulite and optically slimming the figure (shapewear)
  • Material is quick-drying and resistant to pilling
  • The CLASSIC material maintains its constant compression even after repeated washing
  • Compression leggings are without a hygienic opening; to ensure comfort, a gusset (a diamond-shaped piece of fabric) is sewn in the crotch 
  • The leggings are packed in a luxurious satin bag; the package also includes a protective laundry cover
  • Available in the colours black, pink and dark blue

Colour version

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Dark blue
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