The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the economy, keeping employees sequestered in their homes due to the infectious wave washing over our society. In many cases, employees have resorted to working from home during the current crisis, and for the most part, it has been a resounding success.

While the economy might be floundering to an extent, another problem will soon be upon us. The poor health outcomes that result from an employee working from home without ergonomic support for desk-related activities will pile up. Back and wrist pain are common afflictions for people who work from home.

pain is the problem for you working at home with less than the best ergonomic equipment, reach out to us at Care-Med for pain relief. We offer various back braces and wrist braces to help reduce inflammation and pain associated with working in an environment with less than the best protection.

Many employers who have employees working from home don’t offer financial help to retrofit home offices with the latest in ergonomic equipment. That will lead to injuries and chronic conditions that will erode the excellent health that an individual once enjoyed.

Workplace ergonomic support

In many offices and other environments, employers have been aware of repetitive tasks that create inflammation and harm to their employees and have taken steps to reduce the nature of harm with ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and desks.

The financial costs of outfitting your home office with ergonomic equipment to mitigate injury and harm are expensive but necessary. If your financial position doesn’t allow for the investment, and your employer doesn’t have the funds to subsidize your need, you will need accessories to stem the pain problem that is in your future.

Use the benefits of a back brace to mitigate future back problems.

Spinal issues are a problem that will lead to decreased mobility, constant pain, and a lower quality of life. A doctor will prescribe a back brace to help reduce the trauma a patient SacroLoc - Relief for pelvis and the sacroiliac jointsfeels and help return them to the road of good health. To allow your back to heal from an injury or prevent a condition from worsening, a back brace is seen as an aid to assist a person in resuming daily activities.

For someone in the workplace, a back brace is the difference between working for a living or being reduced to a non-contributor in society.

Reduced movement

  • There are many reasons why you need to stabilize your back. It could be because you recently had surgery, and your back needs to be supported in its weakened state. For an acute injury or related condition like a herniated disc, a back brace will reduce movement that causes pain, especially sitting for long periods of time at a desk.

Posture is important

  • The design of the traditional back brace is to improve the support of a person’s frame. It will guide your spine into an anatomically correct position.

Reduces deformities

  • Conditions like scoliosis and lordosis cause the spine to have an abnormal curvature. A back brace will help the wearer keep their spine in a position that causes little pain and prevent the conditions from worsening over time.

Stress relief

  • If you have been injured in some manner and require a back brace, it will limit the amount of stress that is placed on your back. Keeping your back free from overexertion will help the healing process and prevent re-injury.

Wrist braces, how they help in the workplace

Wrist BraceWrist injuries happen; it is a fact of life. But the injury doesn’t heal in a timely manner or is inflamed due to repetitive activities, the pain increases, and workplace performance declines. Wearing an ergonomic wrist brace or splint can relieve the pain, improve the healing process, and prevent further decline in health producing better outcomes for the wearer.


  • Reducing irritation and increasing stabilization is the first benefit of a wrist brace. It keeps the wrist in one position and prevents aggravation of the current injury or condition. The reduction in the range of motion is what optimizes the healing process for the wrist injury.

Lowering the inflammation threshold

  • you have an injury, the inflammation felt by the slightest of movements creates excruciating pain. Nerve irritation starts swelling that, in turn, causes pain. Reducing inflammation is the key to the healing process.

Wrist protection

  • A wrist brace offers a protective layer of protection for an injured area, which is vital to accelerate the healing process. Movement restrictions and a protective cover over the afflicted area is an important reason why a wrist brace is a catalyst for the healing process.

Braces allow for finger and thumb use

  • Certainly, wrist braces inhibit wrist movement, but they also allow for finger and thumb use. This is important wearing a wrist brace during working hours because you need both hands to operate a computer or other electronic devices at work.

Wearing a back brace or a wrist brace in your home office will reduce the risk of injury and harm through prevention. Some chronic conditions can’t be reversed, but the impact of those conditions can be blunted wearing protective equipment in your home office.

At Care-Med, we have the best wrist and back braces the marketplace has to offer. To review the products that will set you free from back pain, please visit our section on back braces, hand and wrist braces at Care-Med for more information.

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