DSIS Low Shock Absorption Orthotic

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DSIS Low Shock Absorption Orthotic

The DSIS Low Shock Absorption Orthotic, the revolutionary solution for flat feet. Designed for children and adults, it provides superior control and comfort.

Enjoy the advantages of the semi-flexible shell, which enhances comfort and offers exceptional movement control. With advanced low shock absorption technology, this orthotic surpasses previous options, delivering unparalleled protection.

Made from lightweight and durable subortholene, the insert perfectly conforms to your foot’s contours, ensuring optimal support. The posting includes a white crepe extrinsic rearfoot and a five-degree medial heel skive, maximizing stability.



The DSIS Low Shock Absorption Orthotic, a groundbreaking solution for individuals with flat feet. Designed to provide superior control and comfort, this orthotic insert is ideal for both children and adults.

Experience the benefits of the semi-flexible shell, which adds an extra layer of comfort and ensures high control of movement. The advanced low shock absorption technology sets this device apart from previous options in the market, offering unmatched protection.

Crafted from lightweight and durable subortholene, this insert molds perfectly to the contours of your foot, delivering optimal support. The posting features a white crepe extrinsic rearfoot with a five-degree medial heel skive for enhanced stability.

With a 3/4″ heel depth setting and high medial and lateral flanges, the DSIS orthotic provides the necessary support for everyday activities such as walking, running, and standing. The heel plate features a dura grip and an independent lateral medial column, ensuring reliable performance.

Don’t let flat feet limit your mobility or cause discomfort. Try the DSIS Low Shock Absorption Orthotic and embark on a walking tour to explore the world with confidence.



  • Semi-flexible shell
  • High control
  • Low shock absorption
  • Designed for the pediatric and adult flat foot

TypeControlling Devices

Default Topcover N/A

Shell: Subortholene


  • White crepe extrinsic rearfoot
  • 5º Medial heel skive


  • Heel Seat Depth: 3/4″
  • High medial & lateral flanges
  • Heel plate: Dura grip
  • Independent lateral and medial column


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