Do you have shoulder complaints after injury or surgery?

Were you diagnosed with OsteoArthritis?

Are heavy lifting and sport related repetitive injuries often causing shoulder pain?

Our top of the line German made Bauerfeind braces stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure joint guidance during movement. Applied compression will help with the healing. Secured straps will decrease extensive range of motion for the time of healing and provide secure support for the shoulder joint. Our OmoTrain promotes proper mobility in order to restore shoulder motor functions.

The mission of shoulder brace is to stabilize, assist or restrict movement of the shoulder post-injury and post co-operatively. The brace must be properly measured for the most effective support. The compression should feel snug and comfortable.

We will order your brace for you and insure that it fits properly before you pick it up. For most orders you should be able to pick up your brace by the next business day.

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