Elbow Braces

What can you expect from elbow brace/support? Do you play golf? How about tennis? Do you partake in activities that require heavy lifting and repetitive movements at the elbow joint? Elbow support can be great at preventing elbow tendinitis as well as to help heal acute symptoms of repetitive elbow injuries. Elbow braces are equipped with strong compression and extra padding to insure stability and proper support at the joint. When used as a preventive measure, it will reduce the risk of injury or re-injury.

Some of the common reasons for elbow brace/support use are:

– Chronic pain as Elbow Tendinitis or Bursitis
– Sport or over-use related injuries such as strains and sprains
– Post-operative support and proper immobilization
– General pain relief

Our elbow support comes in exact sizes. You must be measured to ensure that we get you the best fit possible.

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