compression stockingsDespite the frightful weather outside in winter, active individuals should not be discouraged from engaging in winter activities with compression stockings and socks.

For some people, bundling up to keep the cold away and enjoying outdoor activities isn’t as easy as it seems. So, if you need compression stockings or socks, enjoying winter fun might become challenging. Thankfully, Care-Med has everything you need to enjoy winter fun or maneuvering around in the dead of winter.

At Care-Med, we offer a wide array of winter compression stockings and socks to keep even the most active individuals mobile in winter. For those who seek to traverse their daily grind, we will keep you warm and cozy with the winter upgrades to your wardrobe.

Conditions that require compression socks and stockings

A doctor may prescribe compression wear to address the following problems:

  1. Poor blood circulation in your legs.
  2. Help support veins in their role in blood circulation.
  3. To stop the pooling of blood in your leg veins.
  4. Help diminish leg swelling.
  5. If you experience orthostatic hypertension – feeling lightheaded or having balance problems when standing.
  6. You have venous ulcers.
  7. Stop the development of vein thrombosis in legs.
  8. Pain relief from varicose veins.
  9. Blunt the effects of hypertension.
  10. The need for lymphatic drainage.
  11. Lymphedema.

Now, you understand the importance of compression wear in winter. Let’s explore what you can obtain at Care-Med for warm compression outerwear. The stocking and socks on the market now are made from blended fibers like a mix of soft cotton and elastic fibers. The two materials also offer a gentle massage to help move body fluids from your feet and legs and keep it from pooling in your lower regions.

Compression socks and stockings

winter compression stockings and socksWinter compression stockings and socks provide many advantages for men and women seeking comfort while enjoying winter’s splendor. The stockings and socks we sell at Care-Med come in various styles and colors, crossing the entire fashion palette. The stockings and socks choices are as different as the people who buy them, and their applications can be across the entire winter activity spectrum.

We want assure our patients that we can fit you for custom-made stockings to suit your form and body type. At Care-Med we are a Health Canada and Insurance Approve Vendor and Fitter for all types of ready-made and custom-made compression wear.

If you like hiking, we have an extra soft-sole sock to keep your feet warm and comfortable for an afternoon of winter fun.

If the need is in the area of winter stockings, we have ribbed stockings in knee and thigh lengths available. These two selections offer a great look with pants and skirts, so ladies, don’t hesitate to update your wardrobe with stylish stockings.

The stocking and socks we sell at Care-Med cross the entire fashion palette – from stripes to solids and everything in between, whatever your taste, we have it at Care-Med. The many brands we sell come with a wide selection of wool blends that offer warmth along with the haute couture you are looking for from your wardrobe ensemble.

Compression socks and stockings have also shed their stigma of being boring and bland, with 21st-century styles offering fashionable choices. Stay warm and beautiful, ladies with compression wear. Select the latest styles and colours when you need compression stocking or socks.

Additionally, men can also find stylish and colorful socks and stockings at Care-Med to complement their personal style.

lead glass crystals that can be affixed to your compression wearDo you want bling with your compression wear?

If your answer to the question is a resounding yes or no – it’s a resounding yes! We have bling for your compression wear at Care-Med. Let us take you to the world of lead glass crystals that can be affixed to your compression wear. Swarovski crystals have been in vogue since they were invented in Austria in 1892.

Your new adorned socks and stockings will also have the right compression as prescribed by your doctor, along with a splash of pizzazz that expresses your inner character and style

Do you have insurance coverage?

To have your insurance company cover winter compression stockings and socks, your physician must prescribe them. The medical grading system starts at 20mmHg to achieve the minimum medical grade status that insurance companies need to sanction the payment. You must pay for the stockings and socks in full before picking them up from our office. You will receive the documentation for reimbursement from your insurance company at that time.

Help us at Care-Med help you with your winter compression stockings and socks.

When you visit us for your compression wear needs, we require a prescription from your doctor detailing your condition. The required compression grade for insurance coverage is 20, 30, or 40 mmHg.

Conditions such as veins insufficiency, varicose veins, edema, diabetes, or lymphedema also qualify for insurance coverage.

Insurance companies won’t pay for recreational compression wear or compression wear for long-distance flights or trips, so your compression wear needs must be full-time. The doctor’s prescription must indicate that you need compression wear daily to alleviate the problems you experience from your condition. Without adequate documentation, your insurance claim will be denied, and you will be responsible for the expense.

How we fit you for your compression wear

At Care-Med, we start the process of fitting you into your new compression socks and stockings with a Compression Garment Fitting. We need to measure your feet or legs/thighs accurately to assess the size and compression wear you need to reduce your affliction symptoms.

As part of our service, we also offer a fitting at our clinic. If you can’t visit our office, we have a measurement chart on our website to help determine your size. Visit our compression garments page for all the self-help you need when size is the thing. If you would like telephone support to help you determine your size, we are only too happy to walk you through it.

As a market leader for over 13-years, we at Care-Med have created happy feet, legs, thighs, shoulders, and more with our outstanding service and excellent products to suit your needs when you have problems. The staff we employ holds the highest in educational accreditation and are certified to assist you when the time comes to select compression wear.

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