Understanding Shock Wave Therapy

When we think of shock wave therapy, our imaginations race back to the 1950s and 1960s when electroshock therapy was a therapeutic means of treating mental illness. Don’t let your imagination run away with you, as shock wave therapy is the latest medical treatment for a variety of illnesses that afflict the human body. And the results are outstanding. To define shock wave therapy, you must understand that the treatment is non-invasive, meaning that it is a topical treatment on the skin.

How the process works are simple. The wand charges with a low-energy frequency. It is an acoustic electro pulsation, applied to the injured area through a gel application at the source of the problem. At the point of injury is where the therapy is used to aid in pain relief and a faster healing process.

The treatment originates from the concept of addressing gallstones and kidney stones. Moreover, patients with such issues were immersed in a water tank as part of the treatment process. Sound waves precisely targeted the affected areas to provide the treatment for gallstones and kidney stones. Moreover, when the sound waves contacted the stones, they disintegrated, and the body eliminated the debris through routine discharge procedures.

Studies worldwide have demonstrated the value of shock wave therapy and how it treats chronic conditions better than any of the therapies available.

The treatment is useful for several reasons. First, you require no drugs or pain medication when engaged in this form of therapy. The therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing process when treating injuries or illnesses, promoting a natural response. Patient testimonials have extolled therapy’s virtues; they said that their mobility improved and experienced pain relief after the first treatment.

The Nuts & Bolts of the Treatment

Shock Wave Therapy, the latest in medical treatments To understand the procedure – that is becoming common in Chiropody – shock wave therapy used in treating musculoskeletal conditions. And problems with connective tissue like tendons and ligaments. The wave that is shot into the afflicted area is a lower frequency than other medical procedures and is considered an ‘extracorporeal’ shock wave.

For the Chiropodist, this represents a God’s send gift to them to assist their patients with chronic nagging injuries and stubborn pain centers that cause problems in the human body.

Tendinopathy, commonly known as tendonitis, is a common condition that doesn’t respond well to traditional forms of Podiatry, and shock wave therapy takes up the slack. Medically, chronic conditions persist beyond six weeks of other treatments and require specific therapeutic approaches. Common conditions that are treatable through this revolutionary new therapy in Podiatry ARE:

Achilles tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis:

Many of the injuries and chronic conditions described (in the list) occur due to overuse or repetitive motions. Over the years, they create breakdowns of the tissues or tendons or ligaments and create calcification

Prior to undergoing this remarkable therapy, patients undergo an assessment to determine their suitability and potential benefits for the healing process. Your therapist will provide you with information about the therapy and what you can do in the interim to assist in the process.

Your therapist might recommend that you engage in some type of activity or behavior modifications, exercises that you aren’t already participating in, adjustments in posture, or strengthening weak muscle groups to promote good health. When scheduling the therapy, keep in mind that a complete round of treatment typically takes around three to four weeks. It depends on the nature and severity of the problem to establish the timeline for your structured procedure.

Shock Wave Therapy Treatment:

During the administration of shock wave therapy, the treatment usually lasts approximately 15 minutes and can be customized for patient comfort.

As an effective treatment, shock wave therapy works in the following areas.

  • Your feet are as important as any limb in the body. And the use of the feet means that problems will arise. Shock wave therapy can help alleviate conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon problems.
  • Tennis players and golfers commonly suffer from elbow problems – golf and tennis elbow. The treatment will provide relief and get them back on the court or course quickly.
  • Your patellar tendon is vital to keeping your knee straight – it attaches to the knee cap from the quadriceps. When you experience patellar tendonitis, shock therapy will relieve your pain almost instantly.
  • Hip problems come for bursitis, and it is treatable with shock therapy.
  • Runners/cyclists or any athlete can suffer from iliotibial band friction syndrome, and it comes from repetitive motions.
  • If you have ever had back pain, you know how excruciating it can be. Shock wave therapy will treat the following conditions in the spine the lumbar and cervical areas. Chronic muscle pain is a thing of the past when receiving shock wave therapy treatments.

Benefits with Shock Wave Therapy Treatment:

  • The cost and effectiveness of this treatment are widely regarded as top-rated among available options.
  • Patients can effectively address chronic pain in areas such as the knee, elbow, back, heel, or shoulder without requiring surgical procedures.
  • This treatment is a drug-free treatment, and no anesthetic is needed for a treatment session.
  • Few is any side effects.
  • This treatment is specifically tailored to the fields of sports medicine, rehabilitation, and orthopedics.
  • It reduces chronic, acute pain, and major studies support the contention.

After you have had a session, you may experience some inflammation; that is because the body has gone into healing mode, and the condition is only temporary.

One thing to remember, when in the therapy regimen, don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs as it will defeat the purpose of the therapy. Before you sign up for the therapy, you shouldn’t be experiencing circulation or nerve problems, any infection, bone tumors or any metabolic bone condition. If you are pregnant, this therapy will not be suitable for you. Moreover, therapy is withheld from children due to the continuous growth of their bones.

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Once assessed, you can address other devices that will help with your treatment such as custom made orthotics, orthopaedic shoes, foot and ankle braces, and/or other devices that will help with your treatment.

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