Covid has changed many things in people’s daily lives including exercise. Working out at home has its challenges including staying motivated to do it. This is especially tough if you experience foot pain or dysfunction. The good news is that orthotics for independent sports are available, and this type of footwear can help keep your feet healthy and decrease pain while you’re performing different indoor and outdoor sports on your own.

The Benefits of Prescription Shoes

Orthotics for Independent SportsIt might be hard to believe, but the right shoes can improve your athletic performance. In fact, they can help you run faster, jump better and walk longer. When you’re wearing shoes made for your feet, you may even notice an increase in your endurance and less pain following an exercise session. If you’ve decided to stay active during Covid by taking long runs, then orthotics can protect your feet.

Prescription orthotics consider three main factors, which are the health of your feet, their shape and your exercise goals. If you have flat feet or high arches, then orthotics will increase your foot comfort when you are running, walking or just standing. The shoes deliver additional support that absorb the impact that your feet experience from hard surfaces when you run, jump or walk.

In some cases, back pain develops because a person’s feet have poor positioning. For instance, the arches may drop and roll to the inside of the feet more than they should. When this happens, your feet may not have the proper amount of cushioning. Orthotics may decrease back pain since they provide additional padding.

Orthotics Eliminate Athletic Barriers

If you notice that your feet are hurting or that they become tired easily, then reaching your athletic goals at home during Covid lockdowns can be difficult to achieve. Some people experience foot issues like flat feet, hammertoes, bunions or plantar fasciitis. These types of foot issues can cause your feet to be sensitive to pain when you don the wrong footwear.

When a person’s feet are too flat, the individual may experience pain in the feet, ankles or back while hammertoes cause the ball of the foot to develop abnormalities that can make participating in independent sports especially challenging. Bunions can do this too. People who suffer from plantar fasciitis usually deal with heel and foot pain, which also makes exercising at home during lockdowns a challenge.

Consider getting prescription orthotics if you have any of these foot issues. Orthotics can put your feet into a different position inside your shoes, which works to decrease foot pain. This may help you remain on your feet for a longer period, allowing you to reach the fitness goals that you’ve set for yourself. For instance, if you’ve set a goal to reach 15,000 steps a day, then you’ll be more likely to reach it if you aren’t dealing with feet that hurt you.

If you live in an area where it’s possible to participate in independent sports like skiing or ice skating, then you can get special orthotics that are made for this type of sporting gear. Getting outside during lockdown can help you with your emotional wellbeing. You’ll feel less isolated if you can spend some time outside even if you’re maintaining social distancing.

Prescription Orthotics Increase Ankle Stability

Staying Active during Lockdowns in OntarioThe ankles provide a connection between your body’s legs and feet. They are one of the major joints that make movement possible. When your ankles are wobbly or weak, you are more likely to experience an injury or pain. If you are prone to ankle sprains, then orthotics can provide your ankles with additional strength and protection.

With time, prescription footwear can work to realign your bones and prevent you from reinjuring yourself when participating in sports like tennis or racquetball. If you’re in lockdown with a loved one, then you can enjoy staying active by playing tennis or racquetball with each other. You can play both sports outside, which allows you to stay socially distant and safe.

Prescription Orthotics Focus on Your Specific Foot Problems

If you purchase orthotics over the counter at a drug store or from a mall kiosk, then they might manage your pain, but they are unlikely to address the shape and overall health of your feet. Custom prescription orthotics are manufactured to focus on your unique foot needs.

When you visit an orthotic specialist, the clinic will use advanced computer developing equipment to create a digital cast of your feet. The cast will capture the shape and contours of your feet. After creating a mold, your orthotic specialist will select the best material to manage the issues that are happening with your feet to help you perform the activity of your choice more easily and with less pain.

If it’s your plan to stay active by performing a cardio workout routine at home, then you might need soft orthotics. This type of prescription footwear will give your feet extra cushioning to decrease the pressure that you might be experiencing from plantar fasciitis or bunions. With soft orthotics, you’ll be able to complete your full workout routine by giving your feet the extra support that they need.

Orthotics are great foot support if you’re planning to maintain your health and fitness with step aerobics or Pilates. This type of footwear will prevent aching feet, inspiring you to work out longer and harder.

Orthotics can also be prescribed for foot and leg muscles that are not fully developed. Consider them for this problem if you intend to stay active during the lockdowns by biking. People who bike have better cardiovascular fitness. They also enjoy more muscle strength as well as greater flexibility. Biking can improve your posture and your general movement, making you more coordinated. It’s a great independent sport during the lockdowns because it can reduce your emotional stress levels and decrease anxiety. Biking can also help you manage depression, so consider it if you’re struggling because you’re missing family and friends.

What Types of Orthotics are Available?

Orthotic specialists design this type of footwear using different materials based on the foot conditions that are occurring. Material options range from stiff products like plastic or carbon fiber to accommodative materials that deliver flexibility and additional cushioning.

You can get orthotics that you’ll insert into your favorite shoes, which are similar to the insoles that you can buy from shoe stores to extend the lifespan of shoes. Other orthotics are small heel inserts that you’ll slide into the back section of the shoe.

If you need ankle support, then these orthotics feature a shoe insert as well as an elevation section that stretches from the heel and up the leg. They also go around your calf. Depending on your foot issue, a podiatrist may advise you to use orthotics with leg braces or kinesiology tape.

How to Wear Orthotics

When you receive your custom orthotics, they should fit your foot well and provide comfort for your feet. If you notice any rubbing or discomfort, then be sure to notify your foot specialist. Orthotic footwear that rubs or shifts around will continue to do so, which may cause blisters to form.

Orthotics are generally more expensive than inserts, but they are made from high-end materials. They also feature a custom fit that should make them last for several years as long as you care for them properly. Be sure to wear your orthotics frequently to improve the health of your feet.

Take Care of Your Feet

Orthotics for independent sports will make staying active during Ontario’s lockdowns easier and safer. An imbalance in the feet can impact other areas of your body like your knees, ankles and hips. Prescription orthotics will help you maintain your body’s health

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