I first experienced lymphedema twenty years ago post sarcoma surgery in my right leg. All of the lymph nodes in my right groin had been removed, and as a result the lymphedema was extensive and stubborn. At the time I was treated with lymphatic massage and compression garments. After a couple of years the lymphedema receded, and had been well controlled for many years.

Fast forward to March 2022, when my lymphedema returned with a vengeance. My right leg and foot were 3 times larger than normal. Fortunately, I was able to receive “reduction” bandaging from a knowledgeable and caring physiotherapist, which reduced my leg to almost normal size. Cynthia, my physiotherapist sent me to see Alla for a compression garment. Alla knew I was frustrated with the return of my lymphedema and having to wear compression garments again and having to repeat the reduction therapy.

Alla made me a flat knit compression garment, which is relatively easy to put on, and is comfortable to wear. She recently made me a second one in black as my leg measurements had decreased significantly. I am very pleased with the compression garment as it maintains the size of my lag post reduction.

Alla introduced me to the Fast N Go bandage system which is new to Canada. This has been a game changer for me!!!

I am able to apply the bandages myself , and I wear them for several hours every day, during my workout and around the house, and during my daily walk. They take 10 minutes or so to apply, and are comfortable, and I can remove them to shower and sleep. The results are AMAZING! My leg is normal sized and my new compression garment maintains the size of my leg.

Washing the bandages is very simple—I put them in a laundry bag and wash at a warm temperature and then hang them to dry. They are soft and comfortable, their application is under my control, and best of all they are very effective. I will be forever grateful to Alla for introducing me to this new game changing system and helping me get back to a normal life.