When you need specialty shoes, you can’t head to the mall and find a shoe store that meets your needs. The medical community made orthopaedic shoes and custom insoles to focus on providing pain relief to people with foot problems.

Foot Conditions

Some foot conditions that might require these shoes include deformities of the toe or foot, but that’s not the only thing. Additionally, severe foot injuries, wide bunions, open wounds, and neurological problems can also necessitate orthopedic shoes. If your foot needs go beyond what the commercial market can offer in terms of comfort and support, consult Care-Med for all your orthopaedic footwear and custom insole needs.

Comfort is the primary concern for Care-Med when addressing specialty shoes. The initial consultation at Care-Med involves a proper fitting to determine the correct size, width, and depth of shoe needed to accommodate your condition.

An orthopedic shoe is a removable foot-bed compatible with adjustments. The shoe helps eliminate problems associated with foot deformities and conditions like diabetic feet, hammer and claw toes, extra wide shoes, and shoes with prescribed modifications by a Chiropodist.

These shoes will feel like heaven on earth to wear, as they provide a sense of relief from pain and improve mobility.

How does Custom Insoles and Orthotics help?

Insurance Helps with Custom Insoles and OrthoticsTailored shoes that suit the condition you suffer from are a must when you have foot problems. Comfort is at the root of the modifications as it the need to accommodate your specific foot problems. What is the point of having special shoes that don’t address your issues?

When you deal with your insurance company, they will first check whether the shoe has undergone modifications and will only cover the cost of modified shoes. Some insurance companies cover the cost of ‘off the shelf’ shoes, but they must be an approved brand before the insurance company pays.

At Care-Med, we offer only authorized brands by the Podiatric Association, ensuring you get high-quality shoes. Reputable brands like Drew, Anodyne, IRnner, Propet, and PodoWell are available in our inventory, offering solutions to your mobility problems.

We can modify the shoes we carry as needed and custom fit the shoes you purchase individually. The attention to detail assures you that you will receive the proper size and width of shoe to wear.

If you are looking for stock items, we don’t maintain an inventory nor offer sales for the shoes we sell. We do keep a display rack of shoes we sell, and we encourage you to visit to get a bird’s eye view of the shoes we carry.

We have all shoe sizes available, so you can find the right fit during your fitting session. When your shoes arrive from the factory, you will try them on before leaving the clinic. If the size is incorrect or the fit isn’t comfortable, we will reorder your footwear to ensure the proper fit and a high level of comfort.

How the process works

An assessment

Before any insurance company approves the shoes’ cost, a reputable healthcare professional must conduct an assessment. Only certified chiropodist/podiatrist, recognized as experts, can determine the footwear requirements through a thorough examination.

At Care-Med, we have the appropriate staff to make the assessment. You can be confident that you have made a wise choice by selecting Care-Med as your orthopaedic shoe and custom insole provider.

Some insurance companies may accept a family doctor’s prescription, but they may reject it if you need modified shoes. A chiropodist or podiatrist can prescribe shoes with modifications that align with your condition.

Your insurance company may require the shoes to be dispensed by the same specialist’s clinic that wrote the prescription to maintain continuity.

How the assessment is done

The assessment takes 30 minutes to complete and includes five separate tests that examine your overall condition. Initial test takes into consideration a person’s gait that helps with the biomechanical examination. Once the preliminary steps are complete, a prescription and a 3-D scan are done for future modifications if necessary.

Insurance documents

When you pick up your shoes at the time of dispensing, we will provide you with a package containing all the necessary paperwork for submission to your insurance company. It takes two weeks from the assessment to the product’s dispensing to custom-create the shoes in the manufacturer’s lab to meet the modifications order.


To receive your orthopaedic shoes, you must pay the bill in full when you pick up your shoes. A chiropodist signs the documents provided in the package for insurance submission. All insurance companies will not accept documents and or billing for custom-made orthotics, custom insoles, or shoes from the dispenser.

A track record of success

At Care-Med, we want to tell you that we have over 13-years of experience helping people with foot challenges. We provide the best solutions for your foot problems. This includes when you need custom orthopaedics to live a healthy, happy life that increased mobility and pain-free living provides. Our dedicated professional staff holds credentials and certifications in their area of expertise that helps them assess your problems and develop solutions that are as unique as your foot problems. We accept extended healthcare plans, ODSP, Ontario Works, Veterans Affairs Canada, and Circle of Care plans for payment for your orthotics or insoles.

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