When you are experiencing the ‘agony of da feet,’ know that there is relief for your feet with Drew supportive shoes. They are the oldest company in existence – 143-years and counting – and they are the top shoe company for people with special shoe needs. Further, to get the best care anywhere, Care-Med is your only retailer to get the help your feet need.

Simply wearing a brand of Drew Shoes will correct any problem that causes foot pain, ankle pain, posture problems, or back pain. The shoes are specially engineered with your issues in mind to create comfort and mobility for a person who needs support.

Conditions that Drew Shoes Alleviate

Ankle Valgus

When your ankles roll in, your physician will tell you that you have ankle valgus. This condition compromises your stability and the alignment of your body from foot to neck. Firstly, Drew Shoes, with supportive footwear that includes wedges and flares. This reduces the pain in the lower legs and ankles. Foot problems can cause issues that the wedges and flares help counteract. Support heel stabilizers that have flared outsoles are ideal for reducing the pain of ankle valgus. Enhancing balance is essential, and complete rearfoot control is where it starts. If your condition is severe, you can modify Drew Shoes to compensate for the problems you face.

Ankle Varus

When you experience this condition, it is the opposite of ankle valgus. Instead of rolling in, your ankles roll out, affecting stability and alignment. Like ankle valgus, the shoes for ankle varus contain wedges and flares to help reduce foot pain. A wide shank and flared insoles stop the foot problems that cause pain. Heel stabilizers also provide rearfoot control helping with balance and foot alignment. Modifications are available for those who have acute pain problems, and relief is the watchword for Drew Shoes.


Suffering from arthritis means more than 100 known ailments can afflict you. The condition is an inflammation of the joints that affects the bones, muscles, and soft tissue. The inflammation causes swelling to the feet and hands that reduces mobility for the afflicted. The great thing about Drew Shoes is the wide insole helps your swollen, painful feet find relief and increased mobility. Soft leather and extra cushioning are where Drew Shoes earns their keep. In many cases, arthritic feet have fatty pads that are disintegrating, and the extra padding that Drew Shoes affords is what makes them the go-to footwear for arthritic suffers. Depending on need, Drew has several different depths to help reduce pain – every foot problem is unique, and Drew Shoes meets the challenges for everyone.


Bunions are a vexing problem for those who are afflicted, and they most often are found in the big toe area. The cause of bunions is poorly fitting footwear – they cause fluid sacs to grow. Continued rubbing of the sac against foot bones creates pressure that hardens the sacs and causes pain. The pressure causes the big toes to turn inward and assume a new position. Selecting Drew Shoes to wear will help with the discomfort with wide toe boxes to provide the extra room that will help the big toe return to its original position. Keeping your heels snug allows the toes room to maneuver in a stabilized environment. Prevention of overpronation is the key here, as it is the primary cause of bunions.


Diabetes is the result of a lack of insulin in the body. Vascular system disruption is where diabetes affects people, and it finds its way to eyes, kidneys, legs, and feet, among other body parts. People with diabetes experience problems from poor circulation to a loss of feeling in the feet. Drew Shoes has a solution for people with diabetes; their shoes come with removable orthotics to help with diabetic foot care. Wide shanks will accommodate the irritation that people with diabetes experience. Soft leather-lined shoes made from deerskin or other soft leathers inside the shoe are what people with diabetes need for relief from the irritation.


This condition describes misshapen or crooked toes. Genetics plays a part in the condition, and poorly fitting footwear is a contributor too. If your supportive shoes are too small, it puts pressure on your toes, forcing them into an unnatural position. Over time, the condition becomes acute, and the toes are no longer resting flat in your shoe. Flat feet can cause hammertoes; the muscles – concentrated around a defective arch – are pulling muscle tissue from the toes causing problems. The wide toe box that comes with Drew Shoes is the prescription for this ailment, and the extra the width reduces pressure on the toes through increased space.


When you suffer from intense pain in the ball of your foot, know that you have metatarsalgia. Metatarsal bones must be in proper alignment to support the body while walking. Foot pain ensues when compromised balance occurs. Drew Shoes has an answer to this problem. Oblique toe characters help feet from becoming cramped, reducing pressure keeping the metatarsal bones in balance. You don’t know how important support is to the feet until it is gone, and the pressure points are a constant reminder of your foot problems. Drew Shoes offers a shock-absorbing insole to relieve pressure and helps evenly distribute body weight in the shoes.

Pes Cavus

This term refers to foot with arches that are too high, placing additional stress on the foot in places where stress wasn’t present. In many cases, therapeutic footwear is the answer, and Drew Shoes has the fit for anyone suffering from high arches. High-arches require additional support, and Drew Shoes has shanks and extended medial heel stabilizers to provide relief for you. Specifically designed and fitted lasts add to walking stability while reducing arch pain for many.

Pes Planus

Pes Planus finds its genesis in falling arches or instep collapse, creating pressure on areas that never before felt pain. Due to the extra strain created by the problem, you need low-arch footwear for pain-free comfort. Drew Shoes come with removable insoles; they are arch-supporting devices to protect the body from becoming misaligned. Problems with feet extend to the entire body, and the shanks and medial heel stabilizers, and lasts reduce the effects of the problem.

Plantar Fasciitis

More commonly known as bone spurs on the heel creates constant pain, and generally, located on the bottom of the heel inside the foot. The plantar fascia is a ligament that extends from your heel to your toes, and it is the support for your arch. A ligament strain will cause swelling or inflammation, and the result is a pain in foot when walking or standing. Stiff shoe insoles or shoes that are over-worn cause the condition to become exacerbated, and then the onset of pronation. Drew Shoes makes superior insoles to support the arch and a reduction in tension on the tendon. Your physician will prescribe supportive shoes with extra room, and that is where Drew Shoes shine, The come with wide insoles with extra room for orthotics to alleviate pain and tension that plantar fasciitis causes.

Drew Shoes, the Right Fit

For people who need a specialty shoe, the Drew Shoe collection is by far superior to any other shoe line on the market. Their shoes come with a wide range of widths and sizes (half sizes too) to accommodate everyone.

Many insurance companies approve Drew Shoes products under the “off-the-shelf orthopedic shoes” section of the insurance policy when you select them. If modifications are necessary for your comfort, then your new Drew Shoes are made to measure to address your unique foot problems. If your foot problems require custom-made orthotics, Drew Shoes can adapt to meet your needs without sacrificing comfort, width, or size. Additionally, the secret of the Drew Shoe is the prefabricated insole that is fully removable for the wearer of the shoes.

Drew Shoes Provide Comfort

Drew Shoes has footwear for the entire family that helps improve the quality of life through increased mobility, in comfort! At Care-Med, Alla and her team; have a robust background fitting Drew Shoes, and selections are wide-ranging. From the formal shoe to the flip-flop and everything in between, Drew Shoes has it all. Talk to your friends at Care-Med to discover your style and select Drew Shoes that suit your busy lifestyle while providing comfort.

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