If you suffer from deep vein thrombosis, you have a severe condition that can be life-threatening. DVT is best described as a blot clot that is created deep in your leg veins, and the blood has become a solid mass inside the vein.

Generally, the clots form in the thigh or lower leg, but the condition can also manifest itself in other parts of the body. At Care-Med, we will provide a helpful guide to help identify DVT symptoms and what individuals can do about the condition if they believe they have it.

Deep Vein Thrombosis symptoms

  1. You experience swelling in the lower regions of your body. It transpires in the ankle, foot or leg and, for the most part, just on one side.
  2. You will feel cramps that translate into a pain in your calf region.
  3. Acute pain in the foot or ankle that isn’t related to the injury.
  4. The skin in the affected area feels hot in comparison to the skin around the affected region.
  5. Skin tone in the affected area changes colour to a pale, red or blue colour.
  6. In the upper extremities, neck and shoulder pain will be expected.
  7. Arms and hands will swell.
  8. Pain will travel throughout the arm.
  9. Skin pigmentation will be tinted in blue.
  10. The hands will become weak.

The problem isn’t diagnosed until a person has received emergency treatment for a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot in the lung. The thing about DVT is that it travels through the body, which is when it becomes a dangerous condition. As mentioned, when the blot clot hits the lungs, it causes a life-threatening condition demanding emergency treatment immediately.

How DVT is caused

You sustain an injury to the blood vessel that impairs blood flow due to constriction or narrowing the vessel’s walls.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • A surgical procedure can cause the condition. Damage that is sustained can lead to a clot developing. If you have surgery and are confined to bed rest, limited movement can enhance the chances of seeing a blood clot/forming.
  • If you sit for long periods or experience mobility limits, blood will collect in the lower regions – think gravity here – and blood flow will slow to a crawl.
  • Drugs for other conditions have side effects that can cause blot clots.
  • Smoking
  • Cancer treatments
  • Obesity
  • Old age

The condition affects people who are over 65, and it can be an affliction that affects everyone equally.

Treatments for DVT

When you need it, your friends at Care-Med are there, and they can provide a pneumatic compression pump to reduce and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis when you are in distress. The way a compression pump works is simple; it delivers a degree of pressure to the area to increase the blood flow by forcing the blood in the area to migrate back to the heart, stimulating circulation. The pump will help people who live a sedentary lifestyle and reduce the pain and swelling associated with DVT.

The advantages of DVT therapy using a pneumatic compression pump

  • Significantly reduced or absent blood flow leads to clot formation. Using a compression pump stimulates blood flow and reduces the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis significantly.
  • Capillary filtration occurs when the force of pressure in the capillaries moves fluid. The pneumatic pump stimulates the capillaries’ pressure to move fluid – blood out of an area and keep the circulatory system functioning at a high level.
  • Blood flow and blood pressure return to normal levels.
  • Increasing blood flow elevates oxygen tension to the skin. Oxygen travels in the blood from the lungs, and that is how your body receives oxygen.
  • Applying pressure normalizes endothelial adhesion in leukocytes.
  • Pneumatic compression therapy tightens intercellular junctions.
  • The compression pump reverses structural changes in media myocytes of stripped veins when necessary.
  • Treat chronic venous conditions.
  • Treat venous ulcers.
  • Treat varicose veins.
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome is treated.
  • Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis and blot clots
  • It is a painless way to get relief from Deep Vein Thrombosis and related problems.
  • Venues statis is prevented.
  • It has no side effects that are common to blood thinners.

Pneumatic Compression Pumps, types

The first type of pump is the continuous compression pump. And like the name says, it supplies pressure, uninterrupted, to a garment or sleeve worn by the patient. CC is a non-invasive treatment for conditions like DVT, pulmonary embolism, and venous thromboembolism. The three conditions mentioned are dangerous and could end life prematurely if not treated.

Sequential compression devices work on an intermittent cycle – they contain bladders that fill with air in sequence – lower bladders first, then upper bladders. The sequencing mimics walking and slows or stops blood clots from occurring.

Gradient compression devices serve to produce gradual pressure that forces venous blood to re-circulate back into the body. When needed, apply pressure to the foot, ankle, calf, and thigh to promote blood circulation and prevent clotting. It works with distal pressure applied to the lower regions and lessens as you move up the leg’s proximal area.

At Care-Med, we have everything you need to treat your condition.

At Care-Med, we have over 17 years of service in the medical device industry, and we have treated hundreds of patients who suffer from blot clots and DVT. We carry a wide range of products from compression wear to pneumatic pumps to help with your problems. Bear in mind, your physician will determine your needs, and we will cater to the diagnosis that the physician supplies.

Certified and credentialed experts who have many years of service treating many medical conditions that require a device as a treatment/therapy solution serve in our office.

When you need a pneumatic compression pump, all major insurance carriers will cover the device’s costs when prescribed by a doctor. At Care-Med, we accept all insurance coverage from major carriers. We accept Circle of Care, Veteran’s Affairs benefits, ADP, ODSP, and Ontario Works benefits for people who need to pay via insurance.

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