20 percent of the population need custom foot orthotics to walk comfortably. Hence, a crying need for collateral materials has come to the forefront, and the conditions must be satisfied for people to live a full lie and enjoy mobility.

When it has been determined that you require orthotics, reach out to Care-Med to get all the help you need procuring the equipment you and assistance with all the paperwork for an Custom Orthotics Insurance claim. Most, if not all, insurance policies cover the custom orthotics you can obtain at Care-Med as long as some details are completed.

How Custom Foot Orthotics Insurance process works

Custom Foot Orthotics and Your InsuranceAn assessment

How the assessment is done

  • In 30 minutes, you will have your overall condition examined, and it involves five different tests. The first test is to take a detailed foot assessment; it involves checking a person’s gait that leads to a biomechanical examination. Once those steps are complete, a prescription and a 3-D foot scan are administered.

Insurance documents

  • When orthotics are dispensed, the patient will receive a package with all the required paperwork complete and ready to submit. The process takes two weeks from the initial assessment to the orthotic dispensing because they are manufactured in a lab.

Patient follow-up

  • The same chiropodist you saw for the initial assessment will continue during the process’s dispensing phase. The second examination will be performed at no additional cost to the patient or insurance company. During the second consultation, we will determine if any adjustments need to be made to the orthotics. If adjustments are required, they are completed at no additional charge to the patient or insurance company.

Payment for Custom Foot Orthotics

  • At the time of dispensing, the bill for the custom orthotics must be paid in full. The bill will be signed by the chiropodist and given to you submitted with the ready-to-submit package. Then it is sent to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Warranty for product

  • The lab we use to construct your custom orthotics will cover the orthotic for six months. They cover the hard shell of the orthotic in the event that is cracks during wear. One thing, though, the warranty provided by the manufacturer doesn’t cover soft cover damage due to wear and tear.

Our record is one of success.

Not only do we fit you with the best foot orthotics on the market, but we also have a perfect success rate when submitting your documents to your insurance company. We handle all the details to provide the best care and orthotics in the Greater Toronto Area. We have an excellent reputation as a stellar service provider among insurance companies, and the results speak for themselves.

Insurance Estimate and Assessment for Custom Foot Orthotics 

When you bring your foot problems to us at Care-Med, we would like to stress that we are in your corner and do our utmost to help you obtain the devices you need to live a comfortable life.

One area we excel in is helping with pre-approvals from insurance companies for your orthotics purchase. We will prepare an estimate and assessment of your condition to your insurance company, including the gait/biomechanical examination and prescription for your new custom foot orthotics. This step allows us to obtain pre-approval from your insurance company and help establish a level of confidence that you may not have due to the complexities of using insurance for your needs.

As a healthcare service provider, we take this extra step to assist our patients, and it comes with no additional charge to your account.

Functional Custom Foot Orthotics

When you purchase your custom foot orthotics from us at Care-Med, we want to tell you they are versatile for use. You can wear them in any shoe that you have in your wardrobe, as they are removable.

If you wear a larger size shoe that your foot, let us know, and we can have an orthotic made in a larger size to accommodate how you wear your shoes. If the orthotic is a bit too long for the shoes you are wearing, don’t worry; the orthotic can always be trimmed slightly without damaging the medical or structural part of the orthotic.

The service we offer can be performed in our office and takes little to no time at all. Remember, you must bring the shoes with you at the time of the fitting to get the best results from new orthotics. If you need a longer orthotics after the fact, there will be a cost associated with the re-manufacture of the orthotics.

When you visit our office for a consultation and assessment, please advise us which shoes you will be wearing the most so we can craft your custom foot solution to maximize the benefits that you enjoy from improved mobility.

Our staff is credentialed/certified and qualified to assess all your needs and develop solutions that as unique as your foot problems are. Extended healthcare plans are honoured, as are ODSP, Ontario Works, (ADP), or Circle of Care plans when you need to expense your custom foot orthotics.

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