Increasing Stability with Orthotic Shoes – Casual Footwear


When buying shoes, the top considerations for most people are comfort, style, and budget. The shoe should be able to distribute your weight evenly so you can lift your leg off the ground without wobbling. If you often experience foot pain due to abnormal movement of your feet, you might need to use orthotic [...]

Increasing Stability with Orthotic Shoes – Casual Footwear2022-05-10T12:30:21-04:00

Compression Pumps for Lymphedema – How Effective?


Lymphedema is a condition marked by excess fluid in the body, which can cause swelling and tissue damage. In some cases, it can occur during cancer treatment, such as breast cancer. For those who suffer from lymphedema, compression pumps are considered the best option for reducing swelling around joints and lymphatics. Compressing garments for [...]

Compression Pumps for Lymphedema – How Effective?2022-05-10T12:09:50-04:00

Qualities to look for in Compression Socks


Compression socks are specialized socks designed to provide a gentle squeezing action on the legs and feet. They help improve blood circulation and prevent cramping. Also, they reduce swelling and can be used to relieve symptoms of varicose veins. Compression works by applying graduated pressure to the legs and feet. The level of pressure [...]

Qualities to look for in Compression Socks2022-05-09T18:50:45-04:00

Types of Back Braces for Pain Relief


Back Braces can be an effective treatment for back pain, often used for overuse injuries or chronic pain. In cases where rehabilitation is insufficient, a brace provides extra ergonomic force to the body to help strengthen weakened ligaments and muscles. They are a valuable tool to treat a number of back problems, from acute to [...]

Types of Back Braces for Pain Relief2022-04-08T13:47:52-04:00

Custom Orthotics for more than Foot Pain


There is no such thing as perfect feet. Even if they start out that way, the obstacles and daily wear and tear of life can end up making your feet hurt with every step you take. Certain shoe styles, athletic sports, and medical conditions only make matters worse. Fortunately, custom orthotics can help get [...]

Custom Orthotics for more than Foot Pain2022-05-23T13:44:27-04:00

Ankle Brace to Help Treat Injury or Pain


An ankle brace is a common piece of equipment used to help treat ankle injuries or pain. They are typically made from neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber, and can be either adjustable or pre-sized. Ankle braces work by providing compression and support to the ankle joint, which can help reduce swelling and pain. [...]

Ankle Brace to Help Treat Injury or Pain2022-04-04T12:47:39-04:00

Best Athletic Shoes for Custom Orthotics


Custom orthotics for athletic shoes are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to receive the best possible medical care during athletic activities. Orthotics provide a different range of motion, which benefits the spine and the surrounding muscles and tendons. They also improve our range of motion and movement. The best athletic shoes for [...]

Best Athletic Shoes for Custom Orthotics2022-05-23T13:43:27-04:00

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?


Orthotics are shoe inserts that support your feet and are designed to serve a specific purpose. Custom prescription orthotics are devices that are made specifically for you and the unique contours of your feet. Also, they are designed for specific foot-related health needs you may have. A pedorthist can design custom orthotics for you. [...]

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?2022-05-23T13:42:52-04:00

What are compression socks and do they really help?


Compression socks, also known as "compression stockings," are designed to compress the legs and help improve circulation. The compression restricts blood vessels in your legs by compressing them, thereby forcing more blood flow back up towards your heart.  It is a great product that people of all ages can use. Who Needs Compression Garments? [...]

What are compression socks and do they really help?2022-03-11T13:54:48-05:00

Importance of Pediatric Footwear as Children Grow


Young children grow rapidly; however, not all parents recognize the importance of their child’s footwear during this process. Proper footwear is a crucial part of a child’s development process, directly impacts their long-term orthopedic health and should be an essential consideration for parents. Parents can prevent and address a wide range of issues by [...]

Importance of Pediatric Footwear as Children Grow2022-02-11T13:12:09-05:00
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