Orthopedic Shoes for Men


Traditionally, men were breadwinners. They went to work to support the family in all sorts of occupations, vocations, and careers. Work demanded labour, some of it was brainpower, and some demanded brawn to be successful. But what all jobs required was a man to be on his feet for some time. In essence, the feet [...]

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Orthopedic Shoes for Women


When you are on your feet all day, you need quality footwear to protect your feet from the stresses and strains of a day’s work. Women who spend their entire day on their feet suffer acute problems due to the physical limitations of their feet. Whether you have bunions, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, or Morton’s [...]

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Shock Wave Therapy, the latest in medical treatments 


When we think of shock wave therapy, our imaginations race back to the 1950s and 1960s when electroshock therapy was a therapeutic means of treating mental illness. Don’t let your imagination run away with you, as shock wave therapy is the latest medical treatment for a variety of illnesses that afflict the human body. And [...]

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Pneumatic Compression Pumps for Lymphedema


Lymphedema is a disease caused by the breakdown of or damage to the lymph node and it causes swelling in the arms and legs. In general, the cause of the problem arises from a cancer treatment that targets the lymph node. Your lymph node is part of your immune system and when there are [...]

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Vein health and Restless Leg Syndrome


Restless leg syndrome is a condition that afflicts women more than men by a 2:1 margin and it causes the legs to move uncontrollably. The symptoms usually manifest themselves in the evening or at bedtime. Moving slightly will provide temporary relief, but remember the relief is only temporary. You will know you have RLS [...]

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COVID-19 Preparedness


With the Coronavirus ravaging society, many businesses have been shut down as a precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19. When you call our office at Care-Med, we will ship the products you need directly to your home at no charge. To help with measurements, we send out the equipment you need to complete [...]

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What types of diabetic footwear do you need?


Diabetes is caused when your blood sugar is too high. Insulin is the chemical that breaks down glucose that comes from the food you eat and helps distribute glucose to the cells in your body for energy. When your pancreas isn’t making enough insulin or none at all, the glucose will stay in your [...]

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Orthotics for Cycling


Cycling is an excellent hobby, and for the cycling enthusiast, the freedom to ride on a beautiful day is a great way to spend leisure time. For those who use their bike are their primary source of transportation, it is the way to get to and from work or activities. Yet, cycling takes a [...]

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Lymphatic Self-Massage


Lymphatic self-massage is a gentle massage that can help you manage your lymphedema. Doing this massage daily can help you decrease the swelling in your lower body. After learning from a therapist, you can use the resources below to help guide your daily massages at home. What to know before you start the [...]

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Shin Splints


Shin splints can come from a variety of causes, and the condition is excruciating for the sufferer. To get an idea of the scope of the problem, understand that it is not just a condition that people who engage in physical training get. Shin splints come from several different conditions that people experience, and [...]

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