Workplace Injury Relief for Frontline Workers


The COVID-19 pandemic has been crippling to many sectors of our economy. The life’s blood of our current economy is our supply chain. For many people who are unfamiliar with the supply chain, goods originate from manufacturers and shipped to various locations for disbursement to urban and rural centres. It takes an army of [...]

Workplace Injury Relief for Frontline Workers2021-03-03T11:51:30-05:00

Managing Knee Pain – Causes and Relief


Pain is debilitating, and when you have it in your knee, your range of mobility suffers, as will your ability to stand, walk and run. If you are overweight or obese, knee pain will be your future because you are putting too much stress on the joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage that support your [...]

Managing Knee Pain – Causes and Relief2021-02-18T15:36:28-05:00

Keeping Freight Moving, Our Essential Workers in Logistics


Working during the COVID-19 pandemic has been trying at the best of times. Between lockdowns and limited economic activity, our economy has suffered akin to the Great Depression. Keeping the goods flowing in what’s left of our economy has been the unsung heroes who transport the necessities to our storehouses and distribution centres. Once [...]

Keeping Freight Moving, Our Essential Workers in Logistics2021-02-12T14:40:05-05:00

Elbow Pain and Injuries


As the COVID-19 pandemic rages through our society, more and more people are relegated to working from home. Those who can work from home keep the economy moving in some form that helps support the tax base. But, working from home comes with drawbacks that manifest themselves. Leaving our office's cozy confines for more [...]

Elbow Pain and Injuries2021-02-08T16:06:41-05:00

Essential Workers and Workplace Injuries


Anyone working in the medical field at this time of COVID-19 faces significant risks. Doctors, nurses, ambulance attendants, paramedics, and personnel support workers on the frontlines of the pandemic battle face the risk of exposure and worse. They can infect others if they don’t know they are sick. Or they could meet an early [...]

Essential Workers and Workplace Injuries2021-02-03T17:33:53-05:00

Dealing with Shoulder Pain – Causes and Relief


Shoulder pain is a problem, and it can be debilitating when it goes unchecked. A bigger problem is that it impairs one of your limbs – your arm – and that has downstream issues attached. Atrophied muscles, tendons that fall into disrepair through lack of use and flexibility all take a hit when you [...]

Dealing with Shoulder Pain – Causes and Relief2021-01-19T15:00:20-05:00

Ankle Pain, ouch! Support & Strengthen Your Ankle


Many different injuries and infirmaries cause ankle pain, but one thing is sure, when you have ankle pain, you will be off your feet for a while. In some cases, adjustments can be made to keep you upright and function at some level, but the pain will be with you night and day. Your ankle [...]

Ankle Pain, ouch! Support & Strengthen Your Ankle2021-01-14T18:55:26-05:00

Why Does My Hand Hurt? Causes of Hand Pain


Hand pain can surface from several sources, such as overuse of the hand, an injury sustained through an accident or athletic endeavour, or health conditions. The problem with hand pain is that it can result from a condition that you aren’t aware of, and the underlying causes have yet to surface. Working from home [...]

Why Does My Hand Hurt? Causes of Hand Pain2021-01-09T19:22:19-05:00

Chronic Back Pain Causes and Treatment


Everyone has experienced back pain at some point in his or her life. Sometimes it is as simple as twisting the wrong way or picking up something too heavy for you to move. Other times, back pain comes from sports-related injuries or work-related activities. With a little rest and physiotherapy, the injury can be [...]

Chronic Back Pain Causes and Treatment2020-12-28T20:09:14-05:00

Back and Wrist Braces for Ergonomic Support at Work


The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the economy, keeping employees sequestered in their homes due to the infectious wave washing over our society. In many cases, employees have resorted to working from home during the current crisis, and for the most part, it has been a resounding success. While the economy might be floundering to [...]

Back and Wrist Braces for Ergonomic Support at Work2021-01-15T23:39:23-05:00
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