5 Stylish Orthopedic Shoe Brands


Whether you are experiencing plantar fasciitis, arthritis, heel spurs, bunions, neuropathy, diabetes, hammertoes, or other types of painful conditions, orthopedic shoes can help bring some much-needed relief to your discomfort and pain. The first step to take if you think you're suffering from any of these conditions is to receive an accurate diagnosis from [...]

5 Stylish Orthopedic Shoe Brands2021-10-10T12:06:52-04:00

Benefits of Using Compression Garments


Can compression garments improve your quality of life and help you become healthier? People sometimes aren’t sure if they should be using compression socks, stockings, or other supportive garments. Even before you consult with your doctor in Toronto, you can start learning about the potential benefits of compression wear. Managing and Treating Lymphedema Lymphedema [...]

Benefits of Using Compression Garments2021-10-06T19:24:27-04:00

What are the benefits of Compression Pump Therapy?


Medical researchers and doctors are growing increasingly aware of the benefits of compression pump therapy. As a result, this treatment option is seeing more use for sufferers of various conditions. There is a multitude of benefits that many patients are starting to enjoy because of this. Compression Pumps Go by Many Names Compression pumps [...]

What are the benefits of Compression Pump Therapy?2021-10-03T12:31:13-04:00

What are Shoulder Braces?


Shoulder braces are suspenders that wrap around the back of your shoulders, extending over your chest. They're often used to help prevent dislocated shoulders or stabilize an unstable joint after an injury or surgery. Benefits & Advantages of a Shoulder Brace Stabilize The Shoulder Joint The OmoLoc shoulder brace is a hinged shoulder brace [...]

What are Shoulder Braces?2021-09-01T23:51:42-04:00

Custom-Made Shoes and Orthotics for Foot Problems


Whether you've been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or simply suffer from foot pain that has yet to be diagnosed, there are several treatments available to you that can relieve your symptoms and help restore your natural gait. When you're searching for the right treatment, there are two highly effective solutions you should be aware [...]

Custom-Made Shoes and Orthotics for Foot Problems2021-09-03T19:56:10-04:00

Best Compression Socks for Edema and Swelling


Compression socks are recognized as an effective treatment for Edema by increasing blood circulation from the legs back to the heart, which reduces swelling. Before treating Edema at home, visit a doctor for treatment and checkups in case of other medical conditions like heart disease. Why a Doctor may recommend Compression Socks There are [...]

Best Compression Socks for Edema and Swelling2021-10-16T13:18:21-04:00

UCBL Foot Orthosis for Foot Deformities


Choosing an UCBL Foot Orthosis Orthotic can help a patient who has a foot deformity, stabilize the foot, and reduce risk of injuries In the 1960s, multiple researchers designed an innovative orthosis that can reduce the effects of a foot deformity. Since 1967, the experts have frequently upgraded the device, improved the design of [...]

UCBL Foot Orthosis for Foot Deformities2021-08-08T12:10:50-04:00

Do You Need a Shoulder Brace?


The complex shoulder joint is one that can be prone to injury. And if you're an athlete or someone with a history of shoulder problems, you might already be familiar with the dreaded beginnings of shoulder pain. In many cases, a shoulder brace can help offer stability and relieve pain as you wait for [...]

Do You Need a Shoulder Brace?2021-08-05T12:49:39-04:00

Managing Knee Pain with Knee Brace


A knee brace is a tool used to manage knee discomfort and relieve pain. It is usually used when you suffer an injury that affects your range of mobility and ability to walk, run and stand. People who are obese or overweight are more likely to suffer from knee pain. This because a lot [...]

Managing Knee Pain with Knee Brace2021-07-05T18:44:14-04:00

Types of Back Braces and Benefits


Your body is an amazing work of art and science. Even when it has been injured, it's designed to protect critical components during the healing process. That's what happens when you experience muscle spasms after joints or soft tissues in your back are injured. The muscles contract to protect the spinal column and joints. [...]

Types of Back Braces and Benefits2021-07-05T19:08:04-04:00
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