Can compression garments improve your quality of life and help you become healthier? People sometimes aren’t sure if they should be using Compression Socks and Stockings, or other supportive garments. Even before you consult with your doctor in Toronto, you can start learning about the potential benefits of compression wear.

Managing and Treating Lymphedema

Benefits of Using Compression GarmentsLymphedema is a type of swelling that occurs when lymphatic fluid builds up somewhere in your body, such as your legs and feet. It’s a sign that your lymphatic system isn’t functioning optimally. One estimate for the prevalence of lymphedema in Canada is roughly 2.8 percent of the population.

There are multiple reasons for lymphedema. Some people experience it because of a genetic issue. Other causes include infections and traumatic injuries. Cancer and the aftermath of cancer treatments can also bring about lymphedema. For instance, if you have a lymph node removed during a cancer surgery, you may experience problems with lymphatic drainage.

If you’re vulnerable to buildups of lymphatic fluid, wearing lymphedema garments can help ease your pain and swelling and improve your mobility. Compression garments for lymphedema promote the flow of lymphatic fluid and can be worn in a variety of ways, including as sleeves for the legs and arms. Shorts, bras, and vests are additional possibilities.

Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT occurs when there’s a blood clot in a deep vein in your body. Usually, it’s in one of the veins in your legs. This is a potentially dangerous condition, because the clot can wind up traveling to your lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal.

Although DVT may occur without any observable signs, it often causes swelling in the affected leg. Your vulnerability to DVT increases if you’re sedentary for hours or days at a time, especially if you’re travelling over a long distance, remaining immobile after a surgery, or resting during an illness. Some people are also more predisposed towards it because of medical issues that affect how their blood clots.

Assuming you get your compression garments professionally fitted, they can help you with DVT. Compression stockings are useful both as a preventative strategy and as part of your treatment after experiencing these dangerous clots. Especially if you’re at a high risk, doctors will typically recommend compression wear and instruct you on how and when to use it.

Helping Heal Leg Ulcers

An ulcer on the leg is typically painful and itchy. It can also cause swelling and produce an odorous discharge. There are multiple causes of leg ulcers, including venous diseases, diabetes, and chronic inflammatory disorders.

Although compression garments aren’t a cure for various underlying conditions, they can become an important part of ulcer treatment. Because they improve circulation and reduce swelling, they contribute to the healing of the wound and help prevent recurrent ulcers.

Fighting Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is an enlarged vein that becomes visible externally. These veins push against the skin and cause unevenness and discoloration. One form of varicose veins, spider veins, are a milder version; they produce red or blue patterns on the skin that resemble a spider’s web.

This condition stems from increased blood pressure and damage to the structure of the veins. The risk factors of varicose veins include aging, gaining weight, sitting for long periods of time, standing for long stretches of time, and smoking. Varicose veins are also more common among women and can develop during pregnancy.

There are multiple ways to prevent and treat varicose veins, which appear most often on the legs. Compression stockings can improve circulation and mitigate some of the symptoms associated with varicose veins, such as swelling and pain.

Even if you don’t yet have any varicose veins, you may be at a higher risk of developing them. Ask your doctor about the best types of compression garments for you and how often you should wear them.

Improving Athleticism and Fitness

Exercising and playing sports give you a variety of health benefits. If you aren’t careful, however, you can wind up with injuries or experience too much strain from the physical activity. This is especially true if you perform strenuous workouts or play sports competitively for extended periods of time.

Properly fitted compression garments can contribute to your well-being and improve your performance in sports and exercise. The right garments can promote blood circulation, helping your muscles receive enough oxygen. As a result, your muscles don’t get fatigued as easily, and you can perform with more power.

Another potential benefit to compression garments is how they can speed up your recovery after vigorous exercise. The improvements in circulation and the support for your muscles shorten recovery time. You spend less time struggling with soreness, and your muscles are less likely to suffer from too much strain.

Generating Warmth

Although the primary purpose of compression garments isn’t to warm you up, they can give you some extra warmth during the coldest months in Toronto. Whether you’re wearing them to work or during a jog outside, you may enjoy some additional protection against freezing weather.

Reducing Ordinary Soreness and Fatigue

You don’t need to have a specific medical issue to benefit from compression garments. You don’t have to wait until you’re experiencing varicose veins or lymphedema to start using compression socks or stockings. These garments can give you some relief from day-to-day pain and swelling, and they can help you prevent more serious problems.

For example, you may have a job that keeps you on your feet for much of the day. Maybe you work as a nurse, doctor, cashier, or chef. As you stand for hours, blood collects in your feet and legs, causing aches and swelling. Compression wear can reduce your discomfort.

Another possibility is that your job keeps you sitting for long stretches of time. This is a quality common to office jobs and to working as a driver. While it’s important to take breaks and change position, you may also benefit from the additional support of compression garments.

Whether you’ve decided to use compression wear or aren’t yet sure, consult with a doctor. For compression garments to work well for you, they need to fit properly. They need to be the right length, and you need to wear them in the appropriate places. You also need to know how long to use them each day.

Compression wear may not be appropriate for people in all cases. That’s why medical guidance is necessary. However, if your doctor approves of them, you can select high-quality garments and enjoy their considerable benefits

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