Whether you are experiencing plantar fasciitis, arthritis, heel spurs, bunions, neuropathy, diabetes, hammertoes, or other types of painful conditions, orthopedic shoes can help bring some much-needed relief to your discomfort and pain.

The first step to take if you think you’re suffering from any of these conditions is to receive an accurate diagnosis from or podiatrist. Once your physician prescribes orthopedic shoes for the foot condition you are suffering from, you will be able to shop from a variety of stylish shoe brands.

The bulky and ugly appearance of orthopedic shoes has come a long way. You no longer have to wear embarrassing shoes and can instead shop from discrete styles that look natural and help you look your best.

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for health and comfort. Recent shoe designers have come up with creative ways to combine both needs with a variety of shoe styles, many of which are reimbursed by Medicare under the Therapeutic Shoe Bill, depending on your plan.

We will explore the five of the most stylish orthopedic shoe brands to help you on your shopping journey to better foot health. Let’s begin!

1. Drew Bexley Lightweight Slip-on For Men

Drew Bexley Lightweight Slip-on Orthopedic ShoeFor a custom fit, the Drew Bexley orthopedic shoes model features an advanced fitting system that allows you to adjust it to custom fit each foot. The fitting system includes two footbeds with a removable design, plus a slip-on feature with twin gore stretch.

The material promotes ventilation to prevent odor and is lined with Drilex liners and soft leather for ultimate comfort. These shoes offer high-end comfort and cushioning.

Feel secure with each step with Drew’s polyurethane outsole for a lightweight feel, tempered steel, and rocker bottom propel you forward providing great stability. This style and brand is recommended for foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, high arches, flat feet, Metatarsalgia, and are perfect for diabetic patients.

These shoes are perfect for casual to semi-formal wear, they look sleek and elegant.


  • Lined with Leather and Drilex
  • Sturdy Heel Counter
  • Shank Made With Tempered Steel
  • Construction by Opanka
  • Precise Fitting System With Removable Footbeds
  • Construction is Double Depth
  • Outsole Made From Polyurethane For Lightweight Feel
  • Rocker Bottoms For Ultimate Stability
  • Compatible with Prescribed Orthotics
  • Collar and Tongue Designed with Foam Pad For Softness

2. Apex – Knit Active Shoe Breeze

Apex - Knit Active Shoe BreezeThe Apex – Knit Active Shoe Breeze for women always you to be active while your feet are in total balance and comfort. They are able compatible with orthotics with their double depth design and feature a fitting system with removable footbeds.

You will be able to go the extra mile during your day with their heel cushion and built-up arch. Feel lightweight with their rocker bottom and rubber outsoles, you will feel stable and supported while experiencing a snug fit.

Another great feature is a microbe shield and their Drilex lining that help your feet stay dry and free from germs. Feel like you are floating on air from the firm heel counter and metatarsal support that relieve pressure on your feet as they step on the ground.

Have fun with these shoes as they feature bright colours that will look great with your athletic or casual wear.


  • EVA Wedge Midsole on Rubber Outsole for Lightweight Flexibility
  • Rocker Bottom With Total Contact
  • Synthetic Fiber Shank is Built-in with Wide Design
  • Sturdy Heel Counter
  • Footbed Features a Heel Cushion, Maximum Built-Up Arch, and Removable Material Made From Polyurethane
  • Compatible With Prescribed Orthotics
  • Double Depth and Removable Footbeds With Their Plus Fitting System

3. Anodyne No. 56 Therapeutic Trail Boots For Men

Anodyne No. 56 Therapeutic Trail Boots For MenGain various health benefits with these Anodyne Trail Boots including pain relief from edema, bunions, ankle pain, arthritis, and other conditions. These boots are perfect for outdoor lovers that need functionality in all terrains.

They feature a microfiber lining that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The boots are perfect for activities such as running, hiking, and walking. Their hook and loop closure is fully adjustable and they feature an oiled leather upper.

You are guaranteed to enjoy durability from these boots, along with great comfort. For people who are diabetics, they are the perfect pair. Although they are made for rugged terrain, they are still very lightweight for ultimate comfort.


  • Diabetic Friendly With A5500 Certification
  • Only weigh 10.5 onces
  • Microfiber Lining
  • Hook and Loop Closure
  • Perfect For an Active Lifestyle

4. Krista Orthopedic Boots For Women

Krista Orthopedic BootNever sacrifice style and comfort for functionality with the Krista Orthopedic Boots. They are designed with a smooth fabric lining that will allow you to stay comfortable all day.

Their polyurethane footbed featuring a Drilex top cover and a footbed that accommodates prescribed orthotics are sure to enhance your level of comfort. In case you ever need a more ample depth in your shoes, these Krista boots feature an advanced fitting system that allows you to remove a secondary footbed.

Feel stable and secure with their shanks made from tempered steel and their sturdy heel counters. Enjoy arch support while sporting a lightweight and flexible pair of boots. Their stylish design lets you combine a variety of casual outfits.


  • Footbed With Drilex Top Cover and Removable Polyurethane
  • Shank Made With Tempered Steel
  • Comfortable Fabric Lining
  • Sturdy Heel Counter
  • Double Depth and Removable Footbeds With Plus Fitting System
  • Compatible With Prescribed Orthotics

5. Ariya Moc Toe Casual Walking Shoe For Men

Ariya Moc Toe Casual Walking ShoeThe amazingly comfortable Ariya Moc Toe walking shoes are appropriate for both casual and formal wear. Their outstanding therapeutic design provides the best functionality and comfort.

They are made with a high-end grain leather upper material and lining and feature lace-up closure. Feel complete support and shock absorption with their dual top soles with a removable design.

Sturdy heel counters allow you stability and motion control during various types of activities. Their ultra-soft padded collar prevents you from getting painful blisters while the wide toe boxes bring relief to corns and bunions.

These orthopedic shoes feature a great anatomically design and you can choose from a variety of widths to perfectly fit the dimensions of your feet. The shoe’s structured contour and improved stability bring comfort and style together appropriate for a variety of settings.


  • Compatible With Prescribed Orthotics With a 5/16” Removable Depth
  • Insole is Removable Featuring Apex Performance
  • Mozaic Customization Technology
  • Double Depth For Versitility
  • Lining Made From Polyester and Leather Helps You Stay Dry
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Polyurethane outsole Featuring Maxum Lite Provides Resistance and Shock Absorption
  • Sturdy Heel Counter With Ultra Soft Padded Collar
  • High Quality Full-Grain Leather Upper

As you can see, orthopedic shoes have come a long way! These orthopedic shoe brands are the most stylish found on the market while maintaining high functional standards. The brands listed above guarantee the best features to keep your feet healthy.

You will be able to find boots, athletic shoes, casual, and formal wear. Most brands are diabetic-friendly and have the features that podiatrists recommend to achieve the most medical benefits.

With such stylish brands, you will hardly remember you are wearing orthopedic shoes. Your feet deserve the best and you deserve to feel confident and look great

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