Radial Shockwave Therapy


Radial Shockwave Therapy is a non-surgical pain control solution.Shockware Dolocrast It consists of a set of controlled percussion pressure waves that are created inside a specially-designed hand-piece. The primary effect of these shockwaves is a mechanical force that occurs at a cellular level as the wave’s energy passes through tissue. These waves cause a controlled impact on the tissue being treated. The result is a biological reaction within the cells of that tissue which causes an increase in blood circulation at the injured site. This triggers the body to accelerate its own natural healing process.

We are equipped with top of the line original Swiss DolorClast Shock Wave Therapy Machine which is made in Switzerland. Treatment done on this machine requires 3 to 4 visits only. Only a handful of clinics have this machine.

Radial Shockwave Therapy treatments increase the metabolic activity around the site of pain or discomfort. It also stimulates the re-absorption of irritating calcium deposits in tendons, and again, in turn, accelerates the body’s own natural healing process. It’s a unique, non-invasive solution for pain associated with the musculoskeletal system. Generally, 3 treatments are needed one week apart for most indications. A therapy session only takes about 10 minutes. It usually reduces pain fairly quickly, even after the first treatment, although the body will continue to heal itself for about 6-8 weeks without any further treatments.

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