With the Coronavirus ravaging society, many businesses have been shut down as a precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19. When you call our office at Care-Med, we will ship the products you need directly to your home at no charge. To help with measurements, we send out the equipment you need to complete a self-measurement for body braces or compression socks or stockings. The charts to help with the measurements are located on individual products found on our website at Care-Med and are easy to use.

Compression stockings or socks kits come with a measuring tape, donning gloves, petroleum-free lotion, and a guide.

If your needs are acute and you need an in-person visit, we will receive you and we will be wearing PPE to protect you from any transmissions of Covid-19. At our office, we book one patient at a time and the appointments can run from 30-60 minutes in length. Most custom measurements for garments or compression can be done in 60 minutes or less.

When you need ready-made orthpaedic footwear, please visit our website for the brand, style, and colour selections to treat your specific ailment. When selecting footwear, we suggest that you call our office to assist with your foot problems. We don’t stock orthopaedic shoes at the office, as we believe a consultation with our clients will provide the best results when ordering footwear for you.

When you order from our office, we want you to know that it takes seven days to 10 business days for you to receive your product. Billing for products is conducted via etransfer/email, and we are happy to receive phone orders as the need arises.

One key point, for all medical devices, we will need a prescription from your doctor before we can fill your order.

When ordering compression wear, be advised that it is tax-free in Ontario, but we need a prescription from your doctor and the compression level as recommended by your doctor.

If you need a body brace, please be advised that your physician’s prescription is required as we only sell medical grade equipment from companies like Bauerfeind and Medi.

For medical grade footwear – like orthpaedic shoes – that treat deformities like diabetic feet, we need a prescription. If the shoes are for comfort, we don’t need a prescription, but be aware taxes will apply to the purchase.

Should you need to claim your items, we accept all major insurance carrier plans and work with ODSP and ADP to get our patients the help they need when they need it. Orthopaedic shoe brands that we carry that are recognized by insurance include Drew, Anodyne, and Apes to name but a few.

Contact us, At Care-Med, by email at info@caremed.ca, or by phone at 416.782.5353, to place an order for your healthcare needs.

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If you have any problems that require a shoulder brace, we invite you to visit our website to review shoulder braces that will suit your condition. To obtain more information about what we at Care-Med can do to help you live a pain-free life after a shoulder injury, email our office at info@caremed.care. Should you require a professional consultation to relieve your pain in the shoulder, please contact our office at Care-Med today at 416.782.5353.

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